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                                                                       HANNAH NOEL

                                                                "Don't Sell Your Saddle" 

                                                                 Independent Release





Southeast Georgia native and TCM Class of 2023 artist Hannah Noel has released a brand-new tune, dedicated to the hairbrush singers and dashboard drummers that exist in all of us.  “Don’t Sell Your Saddle,” an anthem for the dream chasers, is available on all streaming platforms now.

Hannah announced and spoke about the tune to her ever-growing fanbase on social media:

“My anthem to the dream chaser.  My song child that I have been oh so patient with to make sure it is ready to be sent out into the real world.  The song that has changed my life and I hope will impact yours.  Don’t Sell Your Saddle.”

Since releasing her debut EP, ‘Dive In,’ in 2020, the Belmont University alum has continued to hone her craft while quickly garnering the reputation in the industry as a talented songwriter, incorporating elements of some of her heaviest influences, from Dolly Party to Brandi Carlile to Miranda Lambert, into her own music.

With each new tune we hear, the continued musical maturation and complexity is on full display, and that rings true with “Don’t Sell Your Saddle.”  This is an unapologetic account of the trials and tribulations that we all endure or have endured in our lives, regardless of the direction we turn, the choices we make, and what our personal and professional lives look like.  We are all different people with different stories, but despite the variation in how we live our lives, there are some constants that hold true for all of us. 

Chasing your dreams can be daunting, intimidating, or even scary.  The feature of failure is real in all of us, no matter in what capacity.  The messages of inspiration, hope, and determination are at the forefront of “Don’t Sell Your Saddle,” which originated from a personal place in Hannah’s mind following a trying time in her own life.

“Chasing the dream of being a country music artist is big and often scary, but I know I have to be fearless in my pursuit because it’s what I was put on this earth to do,” she shared.  “Every day you have to wake up and choose to not sell your saddle and to fight for what you want and what you believe in.”

Noel’s signature southern drawl is on display through this uplifting track, which is able to incorporate the underlying importance of the message alongside a catchy melody and steady rhythm throughout the sing-along track.  There’s a certain edge to her songwriting, from the lyrics to vocal delivery as well as the musical arrangement.  Her ability to intertwine elements of both traditional and modern styles of the genre enables her and her music to apply to all fans of the genre, and continues to garner attention from the industry.

“Don’t Sell Your Saddle” follows “Don’t Ya James” and “Doin’ Just Fine,” collectively representing the versatile and multi-faced singer-songwriter that Noel has become in a short amount of time since moving to Music City.  A talented songwriter with a strong work ethic as well as a gifted vocalist, Hannah continues to build a sundry and well-versed musical catalogue, one impressive single release at a time.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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