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                                                                     EMILY ANN ROBERTS

                                                              "He Set Her Off" 

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Since blasting back onto the music scene with her highly acclaimed single “Whole Lotta Little,” Emily Ann Roberts continued turning heads and perking ears as she threw open her next exciting chapter with “The Building” and several uber impressive accolades.

Last year saw her garner over 20 million cumulative streams and 16 overall performances on the Grand Ole Opry, and it’s safe to say that 2023 is going to be just as big, if not bigger, for the East Tennessee native if the 16,000 pre-saves and 6 million views on TikTok for her brand-new single “He Set Her Off” are the indicator.

When you get caught cheating on a good woman, then your tender-hearted woman is gonna snap because as Roberts puts it, “thought she was fragile like a flower, but she’s fragile like a bomb.”

Wrapped into an insanely catchy rhythm that perfectly allows Roberts to tilt her fiery fiddle and revenge laced vocal into the melody, the song co-written by Emily with Seth Mosley and Parker Welling sits squarely on the idea of there always being consequences to your actions.

Painting the picture of the female characters mild personality, Roberts first describes her as being the last one in town who everyone though would’ve snapped, before she flips the script to then show her sitting proudly calm amid her revenge moment, dressed to the nine’s while smoking a cigarette and sippin’ chardonnay as the blue lights arrive.

Full of “he got what he deserved attitude,” when asked by the cops why she did it, the chorus slaps it all home as she points the finger squarely at his wrongful actions:

“Lord help the man who don't know how strong

A woman can be when somebody does her wrong

He lit that fuse in her bed with that blonde

Now the house is up in flames, his clothes are on the lawn

Thought she was fragile like a flower, but she's fragile like a bomb

Yeah, he set her off”

In true tradition of classic country storytelling, Roberts drips her built-in, sweet as honey drawl into the rest of story as the song progresses, singing of how the “angel falls from grace” was on the frontpage of the local paper, she went to county wearing orange, and how her cheating husband testified in court that she’s crazy while showing off his burn marks, only to have the judge chalk “it up to the things we do for love” as he let her off with only a slap on the wrist.

Emily Ann Roberts knows exactly who she is an artist, songwriter, and vocalist, and it endearingly shows up once again in “He Set Her Off.” Not only does the song rile up those who’ve been cheated on with an anthem they can grab onto, but while she certainly embraces her own unique vibes and signature flare, she also earns comparison to another iconic country star from East Tennessee, giving her the strong reputation as the leading modern era traditionalist that knows exactly how to find the right balance between the iconic country sound with flashes of today’s punch!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis/Cover Photo by: John Shearer)



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