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                                                                      HILLARY REESE

                                                               "Beautiful Mistake"

                                                                Independent Release





Navigating the overcrowded country music scene for a new artist doesn’t exactly come with a stone-cold blueprint on what to do, when to do it, and how to gain momentum. However, 16-year-old Hillary Reese seems to have made a very solid first mark with “All the Good Ones Are Crazy.”

In just a few short months, the ultra-catchy song has earned nearly 200K Spotify streams and has seen its accompanying music video cross the 225K mark for overall views.

She now kicks off 2023 with her brand-new release, “Beautiful Mistake.”

The heart-tugging song, written by hitmaking songwriter Jimmy Ritchey, gives us a very different piece to the puzzle that is Hillary Reese.

Leaning her modern infused style heavily into a traditional based flare, the instrumentation of the mid-tempo waltz wraps perfectly into a melody that leans against Reese’s voice as she drips a deeply drawled southern accent into certain phrasing to emphasize specifics of the looking back on lost love lyric.

Immediately sharing in the opening verse that any fool could’ve seen that they (her and her now ex) we’re headed straight for disaster, allows Reese to then hit on that much more of an impact as she embraces her inevitable heartbreak to not only look back, but to look back fondly on the “beautiful mistake” that they were.

Confessing that she would do it all over again and transparently sharing that she never understood what it was about her that he was so into for the moment, she openly admits through the chorus that she knew deep-down that he’d walk away from her, but she made that jump anyways;  maturely placing full blame on herself for letting her feelings dictate the ignoring of the very obvious red flags.

We all have a relationship in our past like the one that Reese sings about on this song; the type that initially leaves a deeply seeded wound, but when it heals into a scar, allows you to look back at the good moments and take away the lessons learned as you step forward from the heartbreak and into your next chapter.

While strategically enhancing her signature feels and traditional led modern style, Hillary Reese reveals a raw honesty through this song that clearly is a showcase of the work that she’s putting into getting stronger as an overall performer, while also highlighting the precise decisions with choosing the right definitions of who she is as an artist.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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