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As her debut radio single “Just Drive” continues to impact country radio, Erin Kinsey has positioned herself as country music’s next female breakthrough sensation. Her incredible back catalog of songs, such as “Drunk Too,” “Better on Me,” and “I Got You,” have combined with solid Opry performances and an upcoming tour slot with Dylan Scott to create a tremendous buzz.

So why not strike while the iron is hot?

That’s exactly what Erin Kinsey has done with the release of her brand-new song, “Vegas.”

Co-written by Kinsey with Brinley Addington and Barrett Baber, the song leans her normal pop country style into a swampy, bayou tilted sound that intriguingly pushes into a Southern Baptist sway through its instrumentation as Kinsey opens the song by singing us through all the traditional type of things that a little girl dreams about for her princess wedding: a long white veil, tall church steeple, bouquet of roses, little bride and groom figurines on top the cake, cans tied to the back of the getaway limo, etc.

However, it doesn’t take long for her to completely change direction because the love that she’s found herself head over heels in has her wanting to forgo all those princess type of ideas and get right to the spending their life together part - so then why not Vegas?

Punching the chorus home and elevating the song to the catchy sing-along signature we’ve come to expect from Kinsey, she sings us cleverly through all the cliché things that makes Vegas the go to spot for a quickie wedding from the preacher being an Elvis impersonator to having their reception at a buffet.

She uses the second verse to then paint pictures of how little she cares what the wedding looks like, so long as they’re together, while reassuring her better half that it’s what she really wants as she sings of him wearing a tuxedo t-shirt, exchanging pawn shop rings, etc.

This is tongue and cheek. This is fun. But most importantly, “Vegas” shows a completely playful side to Erin Kinsey’s modern infused pop country style while twisting in just enough different flavors to intriguingly keep the listener invested. However, she’s also very wise in not straying so far away from what she does best that she loses her crisp vocal and signature ability to use her voice to express all the proper emotions to fit the lyric.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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