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                                                                "Who Let The Girls Out" 

                                                                Independent Release





Like many artists, Canadian country singer/songwriter Mychela grew up surround by music, whether it was a spirited family jam in the homestead or the church choir on Sunday mornings. After spending time cutting her teeth with Sweet Tequila, the dynamic front woman is now in pursuit of making a name for herself as she carves out a solo career.

Following the success of her 2020 single release “I’m Not Gonna Stop,” which acted as a great introduction to her decisively 90’s country infused sound, she now returns with the rousing female anthem “Who Let the Girls Out.”

Through its strong throwback feel, Mychela invites all women - those from city or from the country - for a girl’s night out on the town as she sings through the verses of having a good time, painting the town red, getting a little wild, making all the boys turn their heads, and happily sipping all the drinks that the guys are buying for them.

The playfully flirtatious nature of the overall lyric comes to light through the declarations in the chorus as she sings, “we’re taking over this town” and “I ain’t asking for permission.” 

The prominent fiddle laced instrumentation perfectly accents the chug along guitars that flow throughout most of the song, which crank up at all necessary spots to accompany the unapologetic pop of the lyrics.

The dip of guitars into a purely classic country sound through the musical bridge adds an additional dynamic to the song, while the instrument pause during the lyrical bridge gives the line “Ladies if you’re with me, go and raise your hands up” a gang styled feel that is perfectly suited for an audience participation moment as it easily allows you to envision a crowd of females with a drink in the air shouting along.

Ultimately, ‘Who Let the Girls Out” acts as another song that highlights the signature flare that Mychela brings to the table, while providing the listeners with a song to add to their Friday night, honky-tonk dancehall playlists.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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