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Friday January 13, 2023

@ Thistle & Rye in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

Though songwriter rounds happen every night across Nashville, the extremely high talent level that Lucky Money Entertainment consistently brings to their stage makes theirs one of the hottest, and one of the most sought after to play for songwriters.

Tucked onto the third floor of the upscale Conrad Nashville, inside their chic cocktail lounge Thistle & Rye, Lucky Money hosts their brand-new weekend shows amongst a bevy of music aficionados and hotel patrons who are basking in globally inspired cuisine, Tennessee whiskey and craft beers, and a heaping helping of the lifeblood that upholds the Music City brand – the songwriter!

Having recently been in Las Vegas for the massive NFR event, singer-songwriter Macy Dot is riding a huge wave of momentum into 2023.

The Texas native, who calls Nashville home today, has experienced break-out success through her very well-received singles “Hot Mess” and “Texas, Tennessee,” introducing herself as a completely transparent songwriter who brings her real-life experiences to song, but also as a double threat who knows all the ways to utilize the tonality of her voice to uphold the proper emotions of each lyric.

Playing the opening round of the night, the Belmont University student quickly captivated the early arrivers with her Nashville kissed/Texas infused styling as she opened her set with “BNA,” a slower paced song that acted as the perfect introduction to her vibey style as she leaned her voice into the turning of the page lyric that spoke directly to her love/hate relationship with Nashville; an underlying theme that we’d see later in her set as well.  

Without a spoken introduction to it, Dot allowed her crafty songwriting ability and the natural hush that’s built into her vocal to impress the crowd on “Breaking My Own Heart” as she pushed through the painstakingly honest lyric which saw her soul searching her own choices as she pulled the crowd deeper into the emotional drive of the song through the confessional line, “breaking my heart, breaking my own heart and I know I’ll do it again.”

Staying firmly planted on her crisp storytelling, Macy revisited that struggled relationship with Nashville on “Starting to Feel Like Home,” bringing us into the confusing emotions that arrive when you’re leaving your hometown to chase after a big dream while cleverly comparing those justified feelings with the type that come after a relationship breakup.

While holding tightly to her signature singer-songwriter feel, Dot craftily slid it smoothly into mainstream radio friendly territory on “’Til It Burns,” progressively building momentum through the verses to arrive at the pop of the chorus where she then wowed the crowd as she lifted her voice to its higher register, precisely nailing each note as she hit on specific words to enhance their punch.

With her most current single “Texas, Tennessee,” Macy boldly showcased a smashing of her Texas flare and Nashville craftsmanship as she presented a love letter to her home state of Texas, running down a list of the morals and values that growing up in the Lone Star State blessed her with that she still carries within her heart today, before softly breaking up with her home state – a theme we saw earlier on “Starting To Feel Like Home” –  lamenting that Tennessee is calling her and she needs to go now.

“Hot Mess” kept Macy firmly planted in the mainstream radio realm, before she closed with “Pretend,” a perfect exclamation point to her performance as she wrapped together all her different sonic styles into one cohesive three minute package, capping off with a vocal clinic that took her voice through all its ranges to leave the crowd clamoring for more as the final notes of the round were played.

Macy Dot was joined on this round by Gloria Anderson, who’s modern country sound filtered through well-crafted songs such as “Radio Silence,” “Married in Montana,” and “Willow’s Song.”

Lucky Money Entertainment hosts at Thistle & Rye on Friday and Saturday nights from 6PM-9PM. Check their social pages for all the information on their upcoming lineups.


1) BNA

2) Breaking My Own Heart

3) Starting to Feel Like Home

4) ‘Til It Burns

5) Texas, Tennessee

6) Hot Mess

7) Pretend



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