Ahead of releasing her Never Say Never album in early 2020, Ashley Puckett introduced herself to country music world with the release of her song “Medicine.” However, it was the follow-up single “Bulletproof” that elevated her status and made her one of country music’s “one to watch” when it raced up the charts to the #1 position. We recently had the chance to sit down and talk with Ashley about each of these two songs, the Never Say Never album, her upcoming show with Mark Chesnutt, her strong female influences, and much more!


1. You’ve listed some of country music’s biggest females as your influences – Lee Ann Womack, Carrie Underwood, and Miranda Lambert to name a few. In what ways did these artists help shape you as an artist the most and what have you learned by studying them?

One really unique thing about each of them is how different they are from one another. They each have their way about truly being unique in their voice and their styles and such. I really love that. I want to be an artist on the radio that when I put out a new song, my fans know it’s me. I also look at their career and how they got to where they are, and a lot of those stories inspire me.

2. You released your last album Never Say Never back in February 2020. For someone who hasn’t heard the album, what can they expect from it?

We put a lot into trying to make this a real representation of who I am. I have a lot of romance in the album, and then of course some traditional “done me wrong” songs, too. It’s a fun, easy listening album from track 1 to 13. Day to day life anymore is just nothing but stress for most, and while I was choosing these songs, I wanted to give my fans an album to pop in or add to their playlist shuffle and never skip a song. That is definitely what I think we did.

3. Ahead of the album releasing, you teased it by releasing “Medicine.” Why did you feel that was the best first representative of the album as a whole?

My very first song choice was definitely hard, just because it was my first debut in the music world as a recording artist. “Medicine” was a sweet song, it was simple, and let my vocals speak a bit for themselves, in a way that showcased more of my “tone” and style rather than high or low notes. It’s also a very relatable song and some of my favorite songs to sing are the sweeter, slower songs and ballads so it was something right from the start I wanted to show.

4. Looking back on it now, did that song do exactly what you wanted it to as far as creating the initial buzz for the album?

I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but yes, I think it did. I had a mention in Billboard Magazine not long after that, and then our follow up song hit #1. I had many opportunities to interview with a lot of cool people, radio stations and such. So, I think it all worked out very well.

5. Once the album came out, you quickly reached the #1 spot on the New Music Weekly country chart with the follow-up single “Bulletproof.” Why do you think that “Bulletproof” made that type of impact at radio and with the listeners?

This song is very radio friendly. It has a lot of personality and it’s a fun song. This is one of those songs that come on and you and your friends just start singing and dancing along.

6. What is your personal favorite song from the album and why?

I have a few personal favorites. “Never say Never” and “Weightless” are probably the top 2. “Never Say Never” was one of the songs that I heard only a few lines and the melody and said, “Yes, this is it.” It’s just so beautifully written and so pretty from start to finish.

“Weightless” has a similar style, very charming and kind of reminded me of a song that should be in a fairytale Disney movie or something when I first heard it. This was our last song to add and was never supposed to be part of this project, but when I heard it for the first time, I closed my eyes and just had this moment lost in thought until the song was over and I knew I had to record this song.

7. Are you working on new music? If so, when can we expect to hear it? Will they be just single releases? Or part of a bigger project like an EP or full-length album?

I’m always writing and working on new stuff. As far as another release, yes in the near future I’m hoping everything aligns for another single release!

8. You have an upcoming show in December (2021) with Mark Chesnutt at Jergels in Warrendale, PA. What are you most looking forward to with that show?

Yes! This show has been rescheduled a few times and now I’m really just looking forward to it happening! haha. Growing up, Mark was one of those artists to me kind of like Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan are to some of the younger people. I love his style, his tradition, and that’s the kind of country music that made me fall in love with this genre. I really hope to meet him, too. Because, who wouldn't?

9. For someone coming out to that show, why do they need to be there early to see you? What does your live show offer to someone that just listening to your album doesn’t?

Live shows are very much more personal. You get a taste of who I am as a person, not just who I am on a record. I like to have fun when I perform, and we always have a good time and that good time spreads. As far as early, there are times we get excited and may start a bit early too, so you never know. But it’s always nice to get the good seats and get your drinks ready.

10. What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

 It’s dedication and hard work, but all the good things are worth it all. Keep good people by your side that believe in you and want you to succeed. It only takes one negative person to ruin a lot. Also, don’t take the little things for granted, or the stepping-stones to your bigger dreams. Every little accomplishment should be celebrated, and you will thank yourself later.

Learn more about Ashley Puckett by visiting her official website at: https://ashleypuckett.com/


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