1) You’ve had a lot of success with all your singles, “Don’t Let The Barn Door Hit You,” “Through With You,” “Girl, I Know A Guy,” etc. But your current release, “Puttin’ Up Hay,” is positioning itself to be quite possibly the strongest charting yet. What do you feel has made this song resonate so well with your fans?

I am a farm boy myself and I grew up putting up hay, so I think people resonate with that and hear that in my voice. It has a lot, I think, to do with my background and what people saw of me on American Idol. A lot of people saw that I was on the farm, so putting out a song about that really resonated with my farm kids, FFA members, and the 4-Hers.

2) This single is lifted from your recent EP, Country. Besides this song, is there a one on that EP that really stands out as a personal favorite? Why that song…what does it mean to you?

I really like “Every time I Reach For You.” As far as a country, Keith Whitley type of drinking song, it’s about as a close as you can get without listening to Keith Whitley.

3) Through the grapevine we’ve heard that a new EP could be coming from you this Spring. What can you tell us about that?

The title of the EP is My Daddy’s Dad. With Country I did some more rocking and modern things, but with this record I wanted to go back to my roots a little because I think what people really want to hear from me is country music. Though, I think I could sing the alphabet and it would still sound like a country song. But that’s the direction, to get back to my roots. A lot of these songs are about my granddad.

4) Does that also mean that there’s a new radio single coming soon as well? If so, which song will it be and what can we expect to hear from it when it drops?

“My Daddy’s Dad.” It’s a song about my granddad who passed away about two years ago. He was a big influence on my life, the reason I’m doing what I do. He could barely play the radio, but he loved country music and instilled that into me. So, with this song I really want people to get to know my granddad and who he was to me. My grandmother says that it’s just him in a song.

5) We have so many aspiring songwriters and artists that read our website, so we always like to end by asking this…what is the best piece of advice you can offer?

Hank Jr. gave me this advice. “Never take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

And this is gonna sound cliché, but always be yourself. There’s a reason God made you the way that He did. That’s the way you are so use that and be yourself. There’s already a Tyler Childers, a Cody Johnson, now go be you out there in this world.

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis/Photo By: Stephen Johnson)


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