With the announcement of her Big Loud Records debut album, Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart, releasing in April 2024, Canadian country starlet MacKenzie Porter officially made the anticipated leap into the US market, parlaying the success she’s already experienced with recent singles “Bet You Break My Heart” and “Chasing Tornados’” against the heightened buzz of four brand-new grat tracks in preview of the album. We recently had the awesome opportunity to check in with MacKenzie and chat with her all about the album, what to expect from it, how it represents her as an artist and songwriter, the impact that Joey Moi has had on her career thus far, and so much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis/Photo Credit: Bree Marie Fish) 

1) You recently announced that your 19-song debut album with Big Loud Records, Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart, is releasing on April 26, 2024. What does it mean to you to finally be able to make this big announcement and put this album out? 

“I’m so excited! We’ve been gearing up for this for so long, and there’s been so many moving parts between the writing, the recording, and the content that I’ve had to keep a secret, so to finally share it with the world feels really good.”

2) 19-tracks are super ambitious, but with this album being 6 years in the making it’s really a full snapshot of who you are. How did you determine which songs to include that you’ve written, and how did you want this collection to represent you most as an artist/songwriter?

“I think this collection represents me in more of an honest way. This project has a lot more depth to it. It has moments that tell a story with really deep lyrics, and it also has fun, upbeat moments. 19 songs is very ambitious, but we had a lot of music because it has been such a long time in the making. I wanted to give the fans as much as possible. When it came to choosing the songs, I had my short list, and my team had their short list, we compared, and found the ones we all loved in the end.”

3) Though this is clearly a definition of who you are, several pieces of this project come from outside writers as well. What was it about those songs that really resonated with you and made you ultimately choose them for this project?

“Living in Nashville there are so many amazing songwriters that when they write, they are putting everyone else’s feelings out on paper too. There are a couple songs that when I heard them, I wish I had written them because it’s a part of my story. That’s what makes a song really relatable! I chose them because they meant something to me, and if it relates to the person that wrote it and to me, hopefully other people will be able to relate to it too.”

4) The day of the release date announcement, you teased the album with 4 grat tracks including the title track, “Easy To Miss,” “Pay Me Back In Change,” and “Young At Heart.”  How do these four tracks really encompass the overall vibe of the album and what we can expect from it?

“They really do encompass the whole project. “Easy To Miss” and “Young At Heart” have more of a progressive pop leaning country sound, and “Nobody’s Born With A Broken Heart” and “Pay Me Back In Change” are more lyric based country songs. That’s what this record is, we have both those moments fully on the project.”

5) Besides those grat tracks, people were able to familiarize themselves with you and the new album through strong single releases, “Bet You Break My Heart,” “Pickup,” and “Chasing Tornados.” Why were these three tracks the perfect first look at the album and your next chapter?

“I’ve been working with Joey Moi for years now, it’s been him and me, and we created this sound together. Those first few songs really represent that sound, and they were the first ones we felt like were ready!”

6) Of all the songs on the album, is there one that your fans haven’t heard yet that stands out to you as one that you can’t wait for them to hear? What does that song mean to you?

“There are so many. One is called “Coming Home To You,” it’s one of the only love songs on the record. It’s the song that best represents my relationship now, and how you can compare your relationship to other people’s relationships, what they have, the house they live in, or the cars they drive, but none of that stuff matters unless you have your person. That’s the phase of life I’m in!”

7) You mentioned working with Joey Moi. What did Joey bring into the studio that helped shape the overall feel of the album that might not have otherwise been there without him?

“Joey has such a distinct sound, but differentiated between all his artists. He is able to help with the branding of the sound for each artist. I wouldn’t have a record that sounds this amazing if it wasn’t for Joey.”

8) Talking on you signing with Big Loud Records; With so many accolades already to your credit in your home country of Canada prior to your signing, you must have had everyone in town looking at signing you. What ultimately made Big Loud the perfect home for you and this chapter of your career?

“Honestly, Joey! He was the first person I met, and I really wanted to work with him. I had my eyes set on him from the beginning. And I’m so glad because he has been my champion now for like six years, or more!”

9) Playing off those tremendous accolades that line your resume; though they’re certainly stamped as huge achievements, this album and the new chapter really feels like the momentum is telling us that you’re just getting started. Upon the album dropping, what’s next for MacKenzie Porter? Radio single? Tour dates?

“All of the above. And you’re right, it does feel like the beginning of a new phase, even though we’ve been working really hard on it for a while! But this is the new MacKenzie Porter music! We’re definitely going to be doing lots of touring in the summer and fall.”

10) We always like to end with this one since so many aspiring artists and songwriters read our site…What one piece of advice can you offer to someone who is just starting out and trying to break into the music industry?

“Try not to compare your path to everyone else’s, focus on your lane. Work your butt off and write as many songs as you can. I love the saying ‘if somebody says no, you’re just asking the wrong person,’ because you’ll hear no a hundred million times like I have, and you can’t let that affect your confidence or your passion.”



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