As a media ambassador for Music Amplifies and their upcoming Amp Up 4 Kids event at The Palace Theatre in Gallatin, TN on Friday November 3, 2023, it’s an absolute honor to be blessed with the opportunity to check in with some of the acts on the bill.

We recently touched base with John Ford Coley, who many will remember as one half of the soft rock duo England Dan and John Ford Coley, to chat with him about what to expect from his performance at this event, the positive joy he hopes to deliver to the lives of poverty-stricken children and their parents, his personal connection to a cause like Music Amplifies, and much more!

Come out for this amazing night of music and become an extension of hope for a great cause!


1) You’re a part of the upcoming ‘Amp Up 4 Kids’ event hosted by the incredible organization Music Amplifies on Friday November 3, 2023 at The Palace Theatre in Gallatin, TN. What can people expect from your performance on this night?

Normally people expect me to play some of the songs they recognize from my days as England Dan and John Ford Coley and go down memory lane for a while. I always do that, and I try to play as many songs as they might remember as possible. It’ll be a fun evening, full of jokes, stories from the past, and music.

2) What does it mean to you to be part of Music Amplifies and their current mission of delivering Christmas to kids who might not otherwise have one?

I heard just today that children are being hit especially hard in the last three years and the poverty rate has increased. That is distressing as the children are never the cause of the problems that they have to deal with, only the recipients of it. So, if this helps deliver a little more joy in their lives by having a present or two during the Christmas season that is more than we can ask for. If it helps with the burdens on the parents, then again, a positive difference is made in their lives.

3) One of the things that we personally love about the vision of Music Amplifies is how they want to expand to not only continue to benefit children, but to also work with Veterans and aged programs as well. Do you have any personal connection to those aspects of their vision from your own life?

There is always a need in every aspect of people’s lives. Encouragement is essential in times such as these. There’s never enough of it. Not everything is solved by presents. Kind words are some of the biggest motivators and the more we give then the more that people will feel encouraged to know they are not alone in the struggles facing them. They face us all. At one time I left the music industry and worked in the courts in child abuse. That was probably the emotionally hardest time yet the most rewarding time as I was on the floor with people who were truly hurting. I saw it first-hand and it gave me empathy and compassion of real suffering and hurt. You help with what you have and it’s amazing just how much you have to give that you don’t even know about.

4) Looking inward for just one question, which other performer are you excited to get to see that’s on the bill for this incredible night? And what songs do you hope to hear from them?

I don’t know all the artists that will be there that evening, but John Berry. I’m hoping to hear some of his hits, but just to hear him sing. He has such a wonderful voice.

5) One last question! When the final note of this night is played, what impact do you hope that you and your performance will have in moving the hearts of the crowd to encourage them to continue supporting the mission of Music Amplifies throughout the year?

I don’t know. What each individual gains from their attendance is not something I can judge. But my attitude is that they came, therefore there must be something inside of them that brought them there. I’m sure they feel something already.



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