A Thousand Horses surprised everyone last month with the release of their new song “Broken Heartland,” answered their fans demand when they released “Another Mile,” and created a major buzz with the announcement of their sophomore album Broken Heartland. We recently had the incredible opportunity to check in with the group and talk with them about their two newest singles, their upcoming album, releasing their music via their own label Highway Sound, continuing to work with producer Dave Cobb, playing the Grand Ole Opry, and much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis

TCM Single Review: "Broken Heartland"

TCM Single Review: "Another Mile"



1) You surprised your fans last month with the release of a brand-new song, “Broken Heartland.” How long did you actually wait to release song to the public after it was completed, and what did you think the response to it would be versus the praise it received?

Graham & Michael:  “Broken Heartland” was written and recorded right before the pandemic, so we had been waiting to release it for some time. The response has been great so far and we can’t wait for more people to hear it. This song is just one piece of a greater vision and body of work that this band can’t wait to share with our fans and the world.  

2) You also just released “Another Mile” as a follow-up. For those who haven’t heard this song yet, what can they expect from it?

Graham & Michael: “Another Mile” is a great song that we added to the album last minute because we loved it so much. We produced it ourselves during the break which was something we had not done in the past. It was challenging and exciting to trust ourselves and record our vision in our own way. It’s a window’s down, feel good tune that is authentically A Thousand Horses from start to finish.

3) Both songs are part of a much bigger project, which you briefly mentioned in that last answer; Your sophomore full-length album Broken Heartland which is due out on August 26, 2022. In what ways do you feel that these two songs best represented the album as a whole that you made select them as the first for us to hear?

Graham & Michael: They capture two different views of the theme of the BROKEN HEARTLAND record. “Broken Heartland” is the Rock and “Another Mile” is the Country Roll. You will not be disappointed.  

4) It’s been a minute since your last full album Southernality. For your longtime fans, what signatures that we’ve heard from you in the past do you feel this new music is going to hold on to the most, but also in what ways do you feel fans are going to hear a tremendous growth in the risks you’re taking on this new material?

Graham & Michael: The natural growth as a band and musicians since SOUTHERNALITY is tremendous. We know who we are and where we are headed which is something that can only come with experience and time. The BROKEN HEARTLAND record is our sophomore album that shows all elements of A Thousand Horses. As we continue to grow, so does our music. So take a little ride with A Thousand Horses and hold on tight.

5) Speaking of those risks…This is the debut release on your own label Highway Sound. How does being on your own label free you up to slide outside the normal comfort zone and try new things to see what sticks and what doesn’t?

Bill: Releasing music on our own label accomplishes a number of things for us, both professionally and creatively. One of the biggest things is that we don’t have to ask for permission or forgiveness from anyone. That feeling of freedom has always been the catalyst to our biggest successes. We thrive as a band when the road laid before us wide open. So I don’t think it’s as much about getting out of our comfort zone as it is about just being in the zone and focused without interruption.

6) You once again enlisted the production expertise of Dave Cobb for this album. Cobb, obviously a very renowned producer, but in what specific ways do you feel he challenges you the most to find your overall sound and vibe better than anyone else can?

Bill: Working with Dave Cobb in years prior and on this album has taught and challenged us a lot. He works very quickly and that’s a good challenge because that can keep you from getting stuck and save you from overthinking something. It’s easy sometimes when you’re too close to a song to lose sight of where your focus should be aimed when recording. He can always lay the target out in front of you clearly. Being challenged like that, to keep an open mind while creating with your gut, was one of my favorite parts of the recording experience on this album.

7) Is there a particular favorite song on the album that you can’t wait for your fans to hear? If so, why that song and what does it mean to you personally?

Bill: Of course, I’m excited and ready for our fans to hear the whole album, as I love every song but, if I had to pick one right now I would say probably the song “Gone” because I thought it was incredible from the first time Michael played it for us acoustically, and also because we co-produced it together with another producer and our longtime friend, Brennan Aerts. Michael wrote the hell out of the song with two writers I love in Nashville - Josh Thompson and Brandon Kinney. He also delivered what I think is one of his finest vocal performances to date on this track. He really captured the sorrow and the denial of desperation the character in this song is feeling. Plus, there’s a string arrangement we added that comes in subtly during the back half of the song that I love.

8) Your live shows and the direct connection to your fans has always been such an important factor to you. Going back to the release of “Another Mile,” can you tell us a little bit about how your fans influence out on the road made that song one that you knew you had to release ahead of the album?

Bill: The reaction on “Another Mile” we received from our fans since the very first time we played it live has been so amazing. We just knew we had to include it on this album. We played it the week we wrote it acoustically live on air on XM radio’s The Highway and our social media accounts started getting blown up with requests for it. People at our meet and greets all across the country would ask us to play it that night during the show. So we would! We also self-produced this track and are really proud of it. We are so happy our fans love the song, and we really appreciate the support they give us. It means the world to us so when it came to putting “Another Mile” on the album we thought, “The people want ‘Another Mile,’  we gotta give it to them!”

9) The day after the album officially drops, you’ll be returning to the stage at The Grand Ole Opry. What does playing that stage mean to you?

Bill: Playing at the Grand Ole Opry is such an honor. I think every time we are sitting in the dressing room before we play there, we have a “wow” moment. My dad told me recently that growing up, his dad, my grandfather, used to listen to the Opry on the radio every time it aired. Unfortunately, my grandfather had Alzheimer’s and passed away right after I was born and I never got to know him, but my dad is my best friend and the person who got me in to music growing up, so knowing how much his dad enjoyed the Opry and how many good memories they made listening to it, now that the band and I get to play it, it makes it even more special.

10) What one piece of advice can you offer to someone who is just starting out and trying to break into the music industry?

Zach: Don’t try to be different! Figure out what comes most naturally to you, the thing that feels so easy and obvious. That will end up being what makes you unique. Keep doing that, and you’ll carve your path in the industry.


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