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Single Review: Conner Smith - "Why I Can't Leave"



                                                                      CONNER SMITH

                                                               "Why I Can't Leave" 

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Conner Smith hit the ground running in 2021, and he has created a tremendous buzz every step of the way with his fresh pop country sound, great lyrics, and smoothly delivered vocals that make you want to listen.

He first introduced himself with the catchy, life lesson infused “Learn From It,” turned up the heat with the steamy lyrics of “Take It Slow,” and has recently created a viral sensation with “I Hate Alabama” thanks to the Crimson Tide losing their game the very weekend after the song started to make its initial impact with his fans. 

He now returns with “Why I Can’t Leave.”

The song, written by Smith, Ben Hayslip, and Matt Jenkins, continues to deliver on all the aspects that are quickly becoming signatures, but its softer pace (in comparison to what he’s previously released) instantly catches your attention as Smith allows his vocals and incredible lyrics to keep you invested.

Though on the surface this is a song about the small-town way of life, Smith fuses in a uniqueness when he makes its true focus not really be about that small-town, but how it broke up his relationship – simply put; he loves the small-town and wants to stay, she hates it and wants to leave.

The juxtaposition of how each of them feel is easily on display through the entire song with lines such as:

“You need more skyline than a water tower with your name on it, and I need more Chevrolet with a little bit of red dirt clay on it.”

“You need more stations on your radio, them kind of places where the corn don't grow." 

“I need a front porch view, but you need a balcony.”

What Smith does really well in this song that a lot of others with a similar type of lyric don’t, is that he understands. There’s no bitterness about the break-up, but complete and total understanding that she needs to leave while he needs to stay, and he even goes so far as to say in the second verse, “you can call me up and I’ll fill you in if you're missing this town and me.”

Small-town songs are a dime a dozen in country music, as are those about relationships falling apart. However, Conner Smith somehow manages to take the old, been done a million times before idea and give it enough twist of emotion that makes it feel fresh again – a true nod to his songwriting ability!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis / Cover art c/o The Valory Music Co.)