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Single Review: Alyssa Marie Coon - "Put It Down"



                                                                      ALYSSA MARIE COON

                                                               "Put It Down" 

                                                               Independent Release





There are a lot of different factors that need to come together for a young, new artist to catch the attention of the Nashville country music industry. There must be a crisp voice, great songs, a dynamic live show, a likeable personality, and so forth and so on.

These are all factors that Florida based artist Alyssa Marie Coon already has in her arsenal, and she’s constantly showcasing how much of a foot she has on the pulse of Nashville and the current country music sound, whether it’s by performing covers on her YouTube channel of artists such as Kelsea Ballerini, Lady A, and Carly Pearce, or by playing at Nashville’s sister venues in her hometown area that include Ole Red, Tin Roof, etc.

Her newest single, “Put It Down,” only stands to further our belief that it’s a matter of time before Alyssa makes the move to Music City to start opening her next chapter.

The ultra-modern, pop country sound fits perfectly alongside today’s strong female artists who are making major impacts on the top 40, while the lyrics perfectly connect with the late teens/20-something demographic that Alyssa will reach and connect with. 

When you really start to like someone and fall for them, there comes a bit of anxiety within the excitement and that’s exactly what Coon hits on in the opening verse of the song.

While waiting with her phone in hand for his call, she also begins to question herself and whether he is thinking about her as much as she is him. Lyrically, she paints the perfect picture of the anxiety that comes with the waiting as she gets very specific about how she is trying to deal with it, from watching the ceiling fan spinning around to trying to think about anything else just to distract herself from her phone not ringing. 

However, just as with real life, when the phone finally does ring and it’s him calling, her entire mood shifts as she sings in the chorus:

“You know just what to do and just what to say

If I’m there with you or miles away

I didn’t touch my phone fore you came around

Now I can’t, I can’t, I can’t ever put it down.”

The second verse continues to use great descriptive lines to bring a strong visual to the listening experience as she talks about their first date being one where he couldn’t walk her to the door because it was pouring rain and before she could even grab her keys, he was already texting her and she was already falling.

Alyssa Marie Coon has done everything right with “Put It Down.” She clearly demonstrates that she knows exactly who her audience is and how to reach them. When you combine this know-how (which takes years to learn for most) with all the other “it” factors that she already possesses, it leaves us here in Nashville anxiously awaiting her arrival as the buzz begins to swirl around her and she becomes an artist to watch.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)