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Single Review: Richard Lynch - "Grandpappy"



                                                                      RICHARD LYNCH


                                                               Independent Release





Over the past 3 decades, Richard Lynch has been delivering music that is steeped rich in country traditions, while also reminding us of what matters most as he consistently has us reminiscing about family and our simpler times through a lot of his songs.

His latest release, “Grandpappy,” lifted from his newest album My Guitar Drips Country, certainly continues with that trend as he weaves us through an autobiographical story that paints the perfect picture of how the Eastern Kentucky born patriarch of his family plays an influential role on who Lynch is today.

“I’d always heard about my grandpappy’s still,” is a line that Lynch uses early in the opening verse to get the story rolling and first help us understand who his grandpappy is.

However, as the song pushes forward, Lynch offers much more of well-rounded look at his grandpappy when he sings “Grandpappy always was a man of his word,” and continues to describe him as one who never spoke loudly, could shoe a mule and plow a garden, and could be seen every night after supper on the porch making a fiddle scream or setting the banjo strings on fire as he played the songs he’d heard on the Grand Ole Opry.

As the song winds to a close, Lynch pulls us out of the past and brings us into the here and now where he reveals that although those days have come and gone, the legacy his grandpappy left behind will always still live on today through him and his music.

Though the guitars do have their moments where they shred and give this an edgy tilt, “Grandpappy” is mostly a boot heel clicking anthem that’s full of traditional country vibes which are built for a Friday night, honky-tonk dancehall floor.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)