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Single Review: Stephanie Quayle - "Lone Ranger"



                                                                      STEPHANIE QUAYLE

                                                               "Lone Ranger" 

                                                               Big Sky Music Group






Stephanie Quayle continues to build her already tremendous following, while also impressing new listeners with each song that she releases. 

“Lone Ranger,” which she co-wrote with Andrew Scott Wills and Rick Huckaby, perfectly showcases who she is as an artist and songwriter, but also very subtly reveals another layer as to who Stephanie Quayle is outside of the artist realm. 

The Bozeman, MT native drives us into the song with a western inspired feel in the instrumentation as she sings of losing the love of her lifetime, before punching us into the edgier chorus where she reveals that she’d rather be a lone ranger living with the heartbreak and memories, than to be moving on from him with someone new.

Stark references are cleverly scattered throughout the song that pull comparisons from the ranch/frontier lifestyle that Quayle grew up with, and the imagery in these lines is what really makes the song uniquely stand out:

“You've branded my heart so good you've ruined me.”

“Better off being some lonesome sunset chaser.”

“Cause if I have to ride with someone else that's not you, I'd rather be a lone ranger.”

With each song that Stephanie Quayle releases, she is further stamping down her niche on the country music market, while elevating all the aspects that give her a unique flare and make her stand out amongst an otherwise overcrowded scene.

“Lone Ranger” is the next perfect example of her doing this, as it fits snuggly in its place beside her recently released songs “We Buy Gold” and “Wild Frontier.”

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)