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  RANDY HOUSER - Cancel - Magnolia

Randy Houser has released six studio albums, sixteen singles, and has toured across the country with some of the biggest names in country music throughout his successful career. The Mississippi native released his debut record, ‘Anything Goes’, in 2008 via Universal South Records. Throughout his projects that followed with Showdog Universal and Stoney Creek, Houser established himself as a mainstay on the scene with his down-home lyrics, twangy vocal delivery, and a blend of traditional country infused with rock elements to produce a unique sound on the landscape.

Now, the talented singer-songwriter is back with his first release of 2023.  “Cancel”, an unapologetically honest look at today’s world, is available everywhere via Magnolia Records.

This latest release may be his best, and my personal favorite, to date.  Yes, the song is catchy, and it showcases his trademark twangy, gruffy vocals as he belts out witty sing-along lyrics to a toe-tapping melody that we can all get up and dance to from start to finish.  But if not the first time through, certainly the second makes the listener aware of the message behind this mid-tempo rocker. 

“Teaching our kids how the good Lord blessed us

Calling out the stuff that world done messed up

Right is right and God is the answer

Living this life the devil wants to cancel”

Houser talks about the state of the world we live in, and how quick we are to judge and criticize instead of to be thankful, grateful, and appreciative of our lives and those who we are fortunate to have with us.  Having a voice is a right to us all, but having an all-out war-of words over disagreements is, as he articulates, is tearing the country apart. 

“Cancel” speaks to the sense of community and togetherness that lives inside all of us, and how within that internal spirit lies the values and morals we hold dear and what we should be passing on to those around us and after us.

Houser became a household name in country music from 2008 through 2015 with smash hit singles including “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight”, How Country Feels”, “Boots On”, and “We Went”, among others.  But as the country music landscape evolves and rotates, and it constantly does, Randy has maintained honesty, integrity, and consistency, not only with his sound, but also the words he sings on stage.  With an intensely energetic stage presence and a passion for his music and the meaning behind it, Houser has always been a must-see live act.  He currently has dates scheduled in October and November from Virginia to Texas to Florida, as well as Las Vegas.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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