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Single Review: Morgan Wade - "Psychopath"



                                                                      MORGAN WADE


                                                                Sony Music Nashville





Sony Music Nashville’s Morgan Wade is set to release her second full length album, ‘Psychopath’, on August 25th.  And while country music fans must wait through most of the summer to hear the record, we are all treated to the release of the first single and title track of the album.  “Psychopath” is available on all streaming platforms now.

The Virginia native has taken the country music world by storm since the release of her debut album, ‘Reckless’ in 2021.  The record spawned the Top 30 single “Wilder Days,”, which formally introduced the talented singer-songwriter to the wider mainstream country audience.  Since then, she has done nothing but garner thousands of fans and earn the well-deserved praise of media, critics, and fellow artists with her musical ingenuity, lyrical integrity, and honest passion.

That trend continues with “Psychopath”, a song that, based upon its title, sounds like anything but a love song.  But the lyrical creativity of Morgan, who is sole writer on this track, presents itself immediately through the first few lines of the opening verse and progressing through to the chorus.

“And I love you just because

But saying I love you don’t feel like enough

One day I’ll return to dust

Was there life before there was us?”

This is a beautifully authentic, creative, and unique love song.  It’s an appreciation of and for the person you are with, to the point of not being able to imagine life without that person.  Love and relationships, for most of us, are complicated topics, with ups and downs, with thoughts and feelings that take us on emotional roller-coasters.

As Morgan has shown us numerous times already, she has the ability to articulate and encapsulate what we feel in our minds and hearts in a way that is incredibly unique and often outside the box.  For many music fans, we like to be challenged when we listen to new music, and in a world full of parody and “following the trend” of what works, Wade continues to distinguish herself from the crowd and announce that she is one of the bright talents in the genre now and promises to be for years to come.

As bright of a young star and miraculous talent as we all know Wade to be, she is set to propel herself into another spectrum as 2023 will prove to be the biggest year of her career thus far.  In addition to the release of her new album only a few months away and the expectation (or at least the hope) of a couple more single releases between now and then, she is also going to be on the road throughout the year, playing headlining gigs and appearing at some of the biggest festivals in the United States while also heading overseas for gigs in Germany, France, Denmark, and more.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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