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Single Review: Erin Kinsey - "Always Never"



                                                                      ERIN KINSEY

                                                                "Always Never"

                                                                RECORDS Nashville





After a breakout year in 2022, Texas native and rising country music singer-songwriter Erin Kinsey is continuing her stretch of impressive releases with her latest effort, “Always Never”. 

With each new release, from the fun-loving “Vegas” and summery “Boys In Boots” to the somber “Reason For Leaving”, Kinsey has showcased her musical flexibility and well-rounded songwriting approach which has put her on the fast track to notoriety and prestige among those in the industry, including media and fellow artists, as well as fans.

Her latest, “Always Never”, is an emotionally vulnerable portrayal of the feelings and emotions associated with the end of a relationship that seemed to come out of nowhere.  Throughout the verses and chorus, there are statements of anger and frustration, of miscommunication and confusion, and of course, sadness and heartbreak.

Co-written by Erin along with Sarah Buxton and Josh Kerr, the tune paints a painfully accurate picture of how anyone feels after a relationship ends, with multiple emotions running through one’s mind and heart while still trying to process what has happened.

Kinsey’s vocals are beautiful, showing the poise and control of an industry veteran.  The clincher here, though, is her ability to showcase her powerful ability while also revealing a vulnerability, perfectly captivating the essence and vibe of the song’s subject matter.

The lyrics are well-thought out, sophisticated yet relatable, and put the listener right inside the mind of the narrator of the story.

“You were always saying the right thing

But never saying what you really mean

Always had a leaving tendency

But never thought you’d be leaving me

6 years two months day three

It was always never meant to be”

As is the case with “Always Never”, Kinsey co-wrote every song on her upcoming EP ‘Bet My Heart’, due out May 19 via RECORDS Nashville.  Her debut EP ’40 East’, released in 2022, served as her formal introduction to the country music world.  A natural entertainer and a songwriting and singing talent to her core, Kinsey has transitioned from a social media starlet to one of the bright young up-and-comers in the genre.  With a new six-song EP set for release later this spring, this Texas native continues to immerse herself in the country music community and is well on her way to becoming a rising star.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)



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