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Single Review: Bailey James - "Finally Free"



                                                                      BAILEY JAMES

                                                              "Finally Free" 

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Bailey James first caught our attention with her 2020 single “I Feel A Sin,” and since then has continued to create a substantial amount of buzz with each subsequent release; “Swore I Was Over It,” “Bitter,” and “Over You” - to name a few.

She now returns with her brand-new single “Finally Free,” and finds the perfect combination of all the different styles she incorporates into her music to deliver a song that truly defines who Bailey James is an all-around artist.

With an almost 1960’s Motown feel to it, James bends “Finally Free” deep into her blues, soul, and jazz influences with just enough of a country tilt to it to make it attractive to the modern country market.

The lyrics get right to the point as she sings in the opening verse of why she didn’t say goodbye to a toxic relationship – she was terrified, too scared, and didn’t ever want to be alone. However, the last line of the opening verse flips the script as she sings, “I wish you would have let me go a long time ago,” before driving us to the powerful punch of the chorus where you can almost hear the sigh of relief as she belts out “I’m finally free” as the poignant stamp on how much better off she is now that they are no longer together.  

The second verse touches on a modern trend when she sings, “See you creepin’ on my story like I don’t know,” presumably talking about social media, while she then spews out the revenge fueled line, “If I’m being honest, I just kinda want to cut you to the bone.”

Bailey James is an artist who you can count on for a great song that stretches the edges of the box that most people always try to place a singer/songwriter in. With “Finally Free,” James gives us a song that allows her to dig deep into her incredible range and deliver all the right punches that a lyric like this needs to satisfy it just by simply using her strongest instrument – her voice!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)


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