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Single Review: Dalton Dover - "Damn Good Life"



                                                                    DALTON DOVER

                                                              "Damn Good Life" 

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Dalton Dover has been on quite the buzzworthy roll this year.

His single releases, “Hear About A Girl,” “You Got A Small Town” and “Baby I Am,” have all turned heads and earned him several industry and media accolades including the coveted artist to watch tag, and this fall he’s going on the road in support of Priscilla Block’s ‘Welcome To The Block Party’ tour and will be making his Grand Ole Opry debut on December 3.

His star is absolutely shining brightly, and he’s showing no signs of slowing down as he’s now released his brand-new single “Damn Good Life,” quite possibly giving us the feel-good song of the year!

Written by Dalton with Alex Maxwell and Jaxson Free, the clap along groove immediately lifts your spirits as you begin to sway along with it, fully encompassing Dover’s idea of writing a song to make people smile.

I woke up and I’m still breathing….got more than I’m ever gonna need,” he begins gratefully as the song opens on its chorus before he runs us through a list of the simple, everyday things that he’s blessed to get to enjoy that truly make up the definition of a “damn good life,” singing uplifting lines that are full of positivity and looking at things from the right angle as he accepts the gifts he’s been given:

“I got a house, it ain't no mansion…No shop but got a few wrenches”

“Dog in the yard, some cash on my card, new strings on this old guitar”

“I come home to damn good wife, I got a damn good, damn good life”

Besides the completely feel-good aspect of this song, what impresses me most about it personally is that Dalton clearly knows exactly where all his blessings are coming from, and he doesn’t shy away from throwing it all back up to the big man upstairs:

“Took time out today to thank Jesus”

“I don't know if it's how the good Lord planned it, but I ain't gonna take it for granted.”

While some can argue that these types of feel-good songs have been done before, one look at what’s going on in our world right now tells me that we still absolutely need these kinds of reminders that tell us to love our lives and value all that we’re blessed to have within’ them.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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