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Single Review: Jordana Bryant - "Romeo"



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Jordana Bryant has used this past year to not only boldly showcase her irresistible, modern pop country style and crisp vocals that always carry the proper emotions of each lyric, but to also put on display her know-how when it comes to connecting with her core audience in the teenage demographic.

She’s playfully explored lustful feelings and the anxiousness of telling your crush that your crushing on them with “Guilty,” has tackled the tough subject of losing your longtime friend to a new crowd and the hollow feelings of being left behind on “New Friends,” and wore her country cred on her sleeve with “Country Music” as she challenged any guy who is liking her with the simple dealbreaker that it just isn’t going to work unless they like country music.

Bryant now returns with “Romeo.”

Giving insight to the idea that sparked the song, she asked in a recent TikTok video promoting it, “Have you ever felt like you want to be in a relationship, but you don’t want the other person to try and save you?” – Something that we immediately see in the very first lines of the song when she sings, “I don’t need someone to come and save me or to pick me up, fix me when I’m breaking.”

Sitting on a slower paced, modern pop country tempo as a soft backbeat slides in behind the simple strum of acoustic guitar through the verses, Bryant leans into her voice as it shines in the spotlight while she sings us through a lyric that exudes assuredness when it comes to knowing what she needs/wants from a relationship.

By first declaring that she doesn’t need a shining knight or Superman in the verses, it allows the punch in the chorus to be felt that much more as she confidently sings of needing a Romeo who will sweep her off her feet, always pick her flowers, and watch the sunset fade away, while they connect soul to soul and not just on a surface level.

However, it’s the second verse that becomes the most poignant part of the song when Bryant gives young ladies the okay to be patient when it comes to love and to not settle on anything less than what is deserved as she reaches hearts through the speakers by singing of herself, “I still dream about love like I’m in the movie, I’ll just wait it out, maybe be a little bit choosy.”

Leaning into fairy tale infused lines throughout the chorus is also a very smart way to fit these lyrics around her own age of 17, while strongly connecting with her fan base, exclaiming that she’s not a damsel in distress waiting in a tower ala Rapunzel.

Jordan Bryant continues to show an extreme amount of growth within her catchy songwriting style as she brings focus to all her unique, signature qualities, allowing her stand out a little more with each new release as she carves out her spot on several artist to watch lists.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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