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                                                                      CHAD BUSHNELL

                                                                "Ain't Much Changed"






Country music singer-songwriter Chad Bushnell exudes the perfectly balanced blend of Americana, traditional country, and Christian country influences into his latest single, “Ain’t Much Changed”.

The Northern California native, rancher turned country artist, has a knack for and a history of adding his own Texas-style twang and attitude to subject matter that applies to listeners from all facets of life.  His latest offering is an anthem of loss and nostalgia, reminiscent of a classic country music tune from decades past.

Telling the tale of forging ahead following the loss of someone significant, the tune depicts the internal conflict one often experiences when going through the pain, grief, and healing of a deep loss.  This is an undeniably relatable song, and one that will inevitability manufacture deep feelings and emotions by all those who hear it.

“”Ain’t Much Changed” hits home for a lot of people.  Everyone has experienced loss at some point in their life,” Bushnell explains. “This song talks about how a guy who loses someone and continues to move on even though he misses his loved one”.

His exhibited songwriting ability is well-documented and appreciated, and his vocal delivery is strong, confident, and natural, and both are prevalent and showcased magnificently on this track.

Bushnell has been making waves as one of the more unique and distinctive artists in the underground country music circuit.  His tune, “What Would Jesus Do”, hit the top spot on the Christian Music Weekly charts, and his EP “Baby I Love You” has garnered high praise among fans, critics, and media alike.

He is also hosting a single release party for “Ain’t Much Changed” on October 1 at The Udder Place in Turlock, CA.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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