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Single Review: Cash Creek - "Over The Moon"



                                                                      CASH CREEK

                                                                "Over The Moon" 

                                                                CCB Nashville





As CCB Nashville continues to make stars of their artist roster – Jamey D, Megan Mullins Owen, and RT Johnson – through their ambitious #newmusicfriday initiative that has seen each artist releasing a new song every month in 2022, they stay rooted on solid ground with the label’s flagship artist Cash Creek, who have also been giving us a solid array of new songs this year.

Veering away from the sound and feel of their last two releases, the summertime, clap along anthems “Lucky in Love” and “I Love My Life,” we hear the group returning to a similar softer pace like we heard earlier this year on their incredible cover of “It’s You” with their brand-new single “Over the Moon.”

Written by Jody Harris, Kimo Forrest delivers leads that perfectly encapsulate the feeling of the lyrics which play out like a thank you letter to his better half – the one who came into his life and completely changed it for the better.

Though the first two lines do set the tone by talking about how weighed down his life had him prior to meeting her, the lyrics quickly move to the positive changes that happened the minute that she whispered, “those words.”

We’re then led through all the different emotions that he’s felt ever since that fateful moment, as the chorus praises her impact:

I’m flying so high on your love

I’m miles and miles above

Any place I’ve ever been

You give me wings

Lifted my dreams

You carried me beyond the blue

I’ve never loved someone so much

I’m over the moon for you.”

Though Cash Creek has certainly developed their signature sound over the years of playing together, they still manage to aptly challenge themselves on this song, especially through the chorus as the vocals soar and the production aspects recall the mid-to-late 1960’s harmony vibe of groups like The Beatles.

The very fact that Cash Creek refuses to stay solely in their wheelhouse and just keep doing what they know already works is exactly what has made the second Friday of each month one full of anticipation to see what they come up with next!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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