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Single Review: Karen Waldrup - "Just Ain't Love"



                                                                      KAREN WALDRUP

                                                                "Just Ain't Love'" 

                                                                Independent Release





Recognized for her songs “Sometimes He Does,” “Sharing the Night Together,” and “I Got That Kind of Time,” Karen Waldrup is absolutely no stranger to country music fans. Her blend of modern pop country style with purely country vocals that drip with a soulful feel has already helped her attract over 1 million fans worldwide and amass a whopping 400 million views on her videos.

The renowned singer/songwriter returns with her brand-new single “Just Ain’t Love,” offering the first glimpse of her forthcoming album that releases this September (2022) and is produced by Paul Worley and Biff Watson.  

Written by Waldrup and Marcus Hummon, the boot stomping rhythm through the intro of the song immediately attracts your listening ear as she then allows her signature pop country sound to attractively kiss the melody so that it keeps you bopping along as you sway.

Lyrically, we’re brought straight into Waldrup’s realization, the eureka moment, that the relationship she’s found herself in is completely one-sided, and as the title of the song suggests, just ain’t love! 

She first lists in the opening verse that they break their plans whenever they have them and that just like the sands of time, they’re watching the moments that can become their memories pass them by, while in the second verse she hits on the more subtle things that are a stark showing of his extreme distance within the relationship such as him speaking softly, always staring off like his mind is elsewhere, etc.

There are some really clever comparative lyrics spread through the song such as when she sings “Like that bottle of wine back at my place, why let something so fine just go to waste,” but it’s as we punch into the bridge that she shifts the entire dynamic when she sings directly out of the hook line of the chorus “We got something but it just ain’t love….At least not for you,” signaling as she points the finger straight at him that she’s in fact wanting more out the relationship then what he’s willing to give. 

The up-tempo pop country vibe of the melody combines with her ultra-relatable lyrics to grip your attention and pull you into the song as it slaps you in the bridge with the surprise use of prominent saxophone, bringing in an unexpected feel that intrigues you as it wraps itself completely around you.   

All the signature ingredients that have made Karen Waldrup so sought after are prevalent throughout this song - if not brought up to an even greater level - which will be the acting catalyst’s to turning up the buzz to extreme levels ahead of the new album release as she opens her next exciting chapter this fall.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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