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Single Review: Hobbs Sisters - "If You Wanted To"



                                                                      HOBBS SISTERS

                                                                "If You Wanted To"

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Lauren and Hannah, the twin-sister duo that make up the Hobbs Sisters, are experiencing different stages of life, with one getting married in the winter while the other is enjoying the dating life.  Both sides of the spectrum influence the subject matter of their latest single, “If You Wanted To”. 

Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, the pop-country duo made the move to Nashville a few years ago, engulfing themselves in songwriting sessions and performances, while also making the trip back and forth, to and from, their home state throughout the springs and summers.

Stellar vocal ability paired with musical comradery made the ladies a fast-rising name on the regional scene in Pennsylvania, and since their move to Music City, they have continued to hone their craft and further their development as songwriters and performers.

The theme of “If You Wanted To” is simple – never waste time on someone who is afraid to commit to you.  It seems that almost everyone has been in a similar situation, one on side or the other.  In this story, Lauren and Hannah sing from the side of the committed…the narrative of being “all-in” but not willing to waste time on someone who won’t do the same.

If I make you want to do it then do it

You shouldn’t have to talk yourself into it

I see you looking my way

So say what you wanna say

We both know you should

If you wanted to – you would

Co-written by the Hobbs Sisters along with their producer Forest Whitehead, “If You Wanted To” showcases the ladies’ impeccable vocal harmonies.  They are strong, confident, and portray the musical prowess necessary to compete with other rising artists on the country music landscape in Nashville and beyond.

The moral of the story is the that indecisiveness can doom a relationship and if your significant other won’t commit, then he/she shouldn’t be your significant other.  The twins excel at evoking emotion through their vocal delivery, showing the passion but also pride of knowing what they want and never accepting less.

This is the first release from the Hobbs Sisters since 2021’s Turn It Up album.  Other notable tracks from their ever-growing musical catalogue include “Starting Fire”, “Mistakes Like You”, and “Never Find Another”.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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