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                                                                      CRAIG CAMPBELL

                                                                      FT. TREA LANDON

                                                                "Things You Do In A Truck"

                                                                Grindstone Records




One of the more respective singer-songwriters across country music, Craig Campbell has released his latest single, “Things You Do In A Truck”.

Released via his own Grindstone Records label, the song was co-written by Campbell and Trea Landon, who is also featured on the track. Blake Bollinger also co-wrote and co-produced the track along with Cooper Bascom.

This is a fun, sing-along track from start to finish, incorporating the perfect combination of modern vibes and traditional roots that have made Campbell a favorite amongst fellow musicians, fans, and industry reps for years. 

Landon is top-notch here, adding his own twist of modern influence to a track that rides that often sought-after line between contemporary and traditional.  The melody and beat offer a modern vibe, while the subject matter is all about down-home country boys having fun.

Just some things you do in a truck

No it don’t matter where you go and where you from

From pullin’ out your buddies, to falling in love

Just some things you do in a truck

Daisy, GA native Landon continues to climb the ranks as one of the brightest up-and-coming artists in country music, sharing the stage with the likes of Luke Combs and Cole Swindell, while performing his own headlining gigs across the nation.

Campbell has seen highs and lows of the industry over the years while also enjoying the well-deserved success of singles including “Family Man”, “Outta My Head”, “Fish”, and “Keep Them Kisses Comin’”.  Now, armed with the freedom and confidence of his own label, we are excitedly awaiting the same musical level of tunes as we have come to expect from Campbell for years to come.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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