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Single Review: Josiah Siska - "Three Chords at a Time"



                                                                    JOSIAH SISKA

                                                              "Three Chords at a Time" 

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Josiah Siska has spent the better part of the past year really carving out his niche amongst today’s country music scene, finding his unique spot to fit in as a true blue, honky-tonkin’ country singer who is inspired by the greatest of greats of the genre.

His previously released songs, “Honky-Tonk” and “Come On Down,” not only gave us a first glimpse into the new EP that he’s been working on, but they solidified him as a good timing, honky-tonkin’ party starter.

However, with the release of his new song “Three Chords At A Time,” the title track of the upcoming EP, Siska repositions himself squarely into that stone country influence as he slows things down to introduce who he is to the listener through the autobiographical tune.

Having said himself that he grew up a pastor’s kid who didn’t listen to what his father would try to teach him, Siska has also further stated that it wasn’t until his favorite solid gold country artists would echo those same words of his father that the lessons would finally sink in, and that’s what this song is all about!

Having been left an old, broken down Chevrolet by his grandpa as he sings in the opening lines of the song, Siska turned to its AM radio dial where he unexpectedly was taught by Cash how to walk the line, that it’s alright to cry by Hank, and what to look for in a girl by Conway– which he would eventually find as he sings about in the second verse.

The coming-of-age song finds its peak, though, when it hits the chorus and Siska sings of how a country song is the root of everything for who he’s become today:

Guess the world makes more sense with a country song

Where the right is always right and the wrong is always wrong

I learned to live, I learned to love right there in that old truck

I grew up three chords at a time

But it’s during the bridge and the heartfelt gratefulness that he shows to his grandpa and the country music that infiltrated his life because of the gift he gave him of that old truck, that Siska lifts the song into a bold showcase of how important family is to who we are – both bloodlines, and in this case, the country music family.

Every newer artist on the music scene today needs to give you those songs that will immediately have you moving with their groove as they draw you into them, which he’s done on his previous up-tempo releases. However, once you’re drawn in and hooked, it’s the songs like “Three Chords At A Time” that will connect the artist with the listener when they transparently share their story and match their heart to yours.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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