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Single Review: Rusty VanSickle - "Forever Next To You"



                                                                    RUSTY VANSICKLE

                                                              "Forever Next To You" 

                                                              CCB Nashville





CCB Nashville has done an incredible job throughout 2022 of reaching the lofty goals of their ambitious #newmusicfriday initiative by consistently highlighting their artist roster with new music every Friday of every month from Megan Mullins Owen, RT Johnson, Jamey D, and Cash Creek.

But it’s always such a special treat for us when the month has a fifth Friday in it because the label then offers a bonus release from Rusty VanSickle.

VanSickle, a fixture on stage playing guitar next to the legendary John Michael Montgomery, has been wowing the Cash Creek Club Live! shows over this past year and has already delivered an outstanding single this past April with “When It Comes To You,” a softer paced duet with labelmate Megan Mullins Owen that placed most of the spotlight on the popular sideman through a great love song that felt plucked straight from the 2000’s era of country music.

Rusty now returns with his second single release of 2022 with “Forever Next to You.”

The mid-tempo driven song leans into a beat that immediately gets your toes tapping along as the guitar splices into the intro and pushes you into the opening verse where VanSickle wraps his vocals into lyrics that are designed to show his love interest who he is in his heart, singing of not being one of those fly by night guys that is gone in the morning, but rather being a committed man just like the long line of lovers that his family bloodline already has in it.

However, it’s when the song lifts into the chorus (and the second verse) that VanSickle delivers the power pack of emotion necessary when he cleverly flips the script to focus on reassuring her as he sings of wanting to be next to her forever, how she’s his one and only for the rest of his life, and how he’ll be there to hold her if she ever falls.

It’s true that love songs are a dime a dozen in country music, but that doesn’t’ diminish the fact that this song delivers in big ways. To be able to take the subject of love and find new ways to inject proper, real feelings into the honesty of the lyrics, while also tilting your voice into each word with the right touches of emotion to make them resonate with the listener is something that only a veteran of the music industry can accomplish. Rusty VanSickle has accomplished that on “Forever Next to You.”

We’re already counting down until September and December - the next fifth Friday months on the 2022 calendar! 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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