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Single Review: War Hippies - "The Hangman"



                                                                    WAR HIPPIES


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Supporting the US military and all the incredible veterans of the armed forces has always been a big part of what makes the fabrication of the country music family so great to be part of. However, when an artist, or the duo in the case of War Hippies, is combat veterans themselves, there becomes an entirely different respect level and intrigue. 

Made up of Scott Brown and Donnie Reis, each no strangers to the country music faithful, they first made their impact felt earlier this year with their debut single “Killin’ It,” and they now return with the hauntingly outlaw branded sound of “The Hangman.”

In the essence of classic country storytelling, we’re weaved through a tale of an outlaw and his love interest (who comes from the other side of the law) that hits on the opposites attract scenario and then the extreme impact that being with a law breaker makes when he meets his fate at the gallows.

As Reis cries his fiddle through the intro of the song, he immediately sets the chilling vibe as Brown then pulls us through descriptive lyrics of both subjects in the story; describing the outlaw as being one who runs with the devil and lives in the shadows, and her as being one with the angels and an honest churchgoer.

As the story follows the line of natural progression, we see him sweeping her off her feet only to get caught by the lawman once she’s finally fallen for him.

The fiddle punch encapsulates the frantic urgency of the lyrics once he’s caught, which adds an increasing depth to the begging and pleading of his innocence as he faces the noose while the townsfolk chant “hang ‘em up high” and he makes a last breath promise to his girl that it’ll all be okay.

In a very cool twist, they inject the song with one specific line that changes the entire dynamic, but you might have got it wrong if the hangman cries,” signaling that they absolutely knew they hung an innocent man.

There’s an old timey feel to the song as chains slap the snare drum to add a classic chain gang style to the darker toned lyrics and pull you deeper into the emotionally charged story, setting the War Hippies on a collision course that brings the present-day country outlaw style smashing head on into the vibe of yesterday to give them a fresh take on an old idea.

Look for the War Hippies on tour with Travis Tritt and Chris Janson this fall!

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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