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Single Review: Lucie Tiger - "Burn It Down"



                                                                      LUCIE TIGER

                                                               "Burn It Down" 

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With her last single, “Right Next to You,” Australian singer/songwriter Lucie Tiger started to peel back another layer of her music as she tilted her modern country edge into intriguing dashes of 80’s inspired female rock anthem like qualities.

Though the softer acoustic strum through the verses of her new song “Burn It Down” sees her sliding comfortably into her country infused singer/songwriter vibe, by the time she hits the chorus, that familiar fusion of 80’s rock influence hits with a spitfire quality that elevates the lyric to the heights needed to punch home the overall message of the song.

“Get on the wrong side of a songwriter and you'll end up in their lyrics,” a post from Tiger on her social media read ahead of the songs release, and while this song is about a relationship gone awry, her lyrics craftily leave it undefined as to whether it’s a romantic relationship or perhaps a business relationship between songwriter/artist and a doubtful industry rep.

You’re gonna feel pretty darn sorry, gonna feel like you let another good one pass you by,” Tiger begins as she rolls us through all the different ways that they will feel regret due to letting her go, singing then through the chorus of how she’s preserving and leaving them behind in her rearview mirror, that it’s a little too late to try and win her back now, and that she’s watching them go down in flames while happily playing her guitar.

The second verse continues defining how the person who has left her and made her so motivated to succeed is going to feel when they see her success coming to fruition, singing of how they’ll wish they were nicer, had said the right things, Etc.

Having already found success on the MusicRow CountryBreakout chart with her past few releases, combining with US tours that have helped elevate her status to new audiences, it’s safe to say that as Lucie Tiger continues to delve into fresh takes on her evolving sound that she’s going to continue to find a wider reach as she sticks to her guns and takes unique steps forward to create her specific lane rather than compromising her craft to fit a mold.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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