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Single Review: Steve Moakler - "Let's Go To The Lake"



                                                                  STEVE MOAKLER

                                                             "Let's Go To The Lake" 

                                                             CN Records





Steve Moakler started to tease his upcoming new album last month when he offered up its title track “Make A Little Room,” which leaned into a summery, feel-good vibe but carried a very important lyric that challenged us to slow life down a little bit and make room for all the things that matter most.

Continuing to tease his new album, Moakler now releases “Let’s Go To The Lake.”

As you could stereotypically guess by the song title itself, the song does carry the mid-tempo, feel-good vibe that this time of year always brings out in artists as the groove will immediately get you swaying and clapping along with it from the moment you hit play.

However, where many other summer songs are 100% focused on having fun in the sun, and in some ways this song carries that same feeling as well, Moakler does dig much deeper than the surface to continue following the slow life down theme that he set in motion with his previous release.

I don’t wanna talk about how we need to get away, you know they say, you either break or take a break,” he sings out of the opening verse and into the first chorus, immediately driving you into a journey that’s all about rediscovering your relationship by removing the day-to-day distractions to rekindle what’s been lost because of them.

Let’s go to the lake and find what we lost

Yeah, whatever we’re missing is sitting right there

‘tween the sunset and the dock

‘Cause this life can get all tangled up

Like a thousand fishing lines

You know sometimes

The only way to let go is to drift away

Let’s go to the lake.”

The setting of the lake acts as the serene backdrop to putting them at complete peace as they breathe into one another while he promises that she’ll be laughing like she isn’t stressed about a thing, that once they’re out on the water everything will be alright, that he’ll be holding her tight, etc.

I’m personally a sucker for a summer song, and Steve Moakler may have just given me my new favorite.

“Let’s Go To The Lake” not only carries a very strong message that we all need to hear right now as everybody is running a million miles per hour, but it also subtly acts as a bold challenge to discover our own personal spot that will satisfy our need to get away (physically and mentally) while also giving us the chance to reconnect with what’s most important.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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