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Single Review: Mina Roth - "Heart in a Locket"



                                                                  MINA ROTH

                                                           "Heart in a Locket" 

                                                            Independent Release




They say that Nashville is a ten-year town in that it takes ten years to really “make It” here. While there is a lot of truth to that statement, the simple fact is that every step along the way is important and needs to be celebrated as they each move you closer and closer to your overall goal.

Mina Roth, a singer-songwriter who has only called Nashville home for the past ten months or so, has already been able to build a great resume and a solid reputation with audiences by enticing them with her songwriting prowess that sees her melding together several different genres as she pulls in pieces of influences from indie rock, modern pop, and singer-songwriter vibed, left of the mainstream dial country that creates a style just familiar enough to captivate your attention, while still uniquely being 100% true to herself and her craft.

With a new EP on the horizon, Roth now gives listener’s their first taste of it with “Heart in a Locket.”

As the beat of drums pushes into the 25-second intro, a moody guitar riff sets the tone as it wraps around you to pull you straight to Roth’s very vulnerable vocals as she questions the validity of a relationship and her worth within it as the distance between them has grown considerably.

She asks several questions in the opening verse such as “did I bore you?” and “Am I too much to handle?” expertly showcasing the anxiety that the relationships downward slope has already brought upon her, before looking in the mirror metaphorically to place blame on the hold that she’s allowed him to have on her as she admittedly sings in the chorus:

You’ve got my heart in a locket, on a ribbon around your neck

And I follow you around like a well-trained dog, that knows where it stands.”

She continues to emotionally unravel as the song moves forward, lamenting in the second verse that he’d drop just enough hints of caring about her to see if she’d follow, knowing full well that she would as he continued to toy with her heart and emotions.

Though the hook of the song does see her singing out, “I’ll detach my heart from yours, so when you leave it won’t go with you,” as with so many who are in relationships like this, the bridge shows otherwise as she states, “but like a magnet I’ll stick by your side,” further showcasing that she can’t let go even though she knows it’s no good for her to stay. 

With “Heart in a Locket” Mina Roth stands boldly on the foundations that have become her signatures as she expertly wraps pure, unbridled emotion into very poetic lyrics that are so deeply enthralling to the listener that they’ll immediately discover that she’s a singer-songwriter who is not only well beyond her 19 years of age but stands right on the edge of one break elevating her to the next level in a crowded Music City scene.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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