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Single Review: Casi Joy - "Everything's Fine"



                                                                  CASI JOY

                                                           "Everything's Fine" 

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With over 40 million video views and 350,000 followers on social media, Casi Joy not only landed a spot-on season 12 of The Voice but she also made a tremendous impact with the viewing audience, setting her career after the show in motion.

Though we haven’t heard from her since she released “Senses Fail” in 2021, she now returns with her brand-new single “Everything’s Fine.”

Where “Senses Fail” offered a throwback sound that carried a Motown infused feel that recalled the great girl groups of the 1960’s, she abandons that flavor in exchange for a fresh, modern pop country feel that leans on a summery, up-tempo melody to keep your hips moving side to side as your toes tap against the dancefloor while she takes us through a journey of everything not coming up roses but learning to navigate it to go with the flow.

Casi bops us through tongue and cheek lyrics that hit on all the different little things that can tilt you just enough sideways that they knock you off course, such as her phone dying which caused her alarm to not go off, her cable being out, and in what is the most memorable line of the song as it perfectly encapsulates the entire vibe, “the vacuum bit the dust, it’s the only thing that doesn’t suck.”

However, rather than staying completely stuck in a place of “woe is me” and letting any of these specific instances truly bring her down, Joy instead masterfully matches the peppiness of the melody and her upbeat vocals with the idea of finding the gold in the silver lining.

Through the sway your arms groove of the chorus, Joy invites us to escape from our problems and soak in the notion that everything is fine even when it doesn’t seem to be going our way, as we find ourselves whistling and singing along; “I’m fine, fine, everything’s fine!”

With a built-in fan base from her time spent on The Voice, melding together with an ultra-catchy song that slides perfectly into the warmer weather sounds that are synonymous with country music this time of year, Casi Joy has given us an extremely fun song with an insatiably optimistic outlook focused on finding the positives amongst all the little mean-nothing negatives that life inevitably presents to us.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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