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Single Review: Kasey Tyndall - "Babies"



                                                                  KASEY TYNDALL


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Kasey Tyndall has earned the country rock tag thanks in part to her last single “Jesus and Joan Jett,” which saw her shredding guitar and punching home an overall vibe that tilted her brand of country into the rock anthem territory synonymous with the female powerhouse mentioned in her song’s title.

However, Tyndall has also been able to walk masterfully on a country music line through her softer paced releases, such as “Middle Man, which allows her to deliver a heartfelt lyric that strikes the right chord with her intended audience.  

This is exactly what she’s done on her newest single, “Babies.”

Co-written by Tyndall, Ahnquist Smith, and Gary Garris, the song hits on the anxiety riddled topic of comparing yourself and where you’re at on your path to everyone else’s as adulthood starts to sneak its way into your otherwise non-traditional path and make you question your direction.

The moody instrumentation acts as the perfect accompaniment to wrap around Tyndall’s confused emotions as the 20-something year old singer sings of not owning a house yet, her little sister already having a couple of kids while she doesn’t, not being married, etc.

While she very honestly muses that she could certainly blame where she’s at in life on chasing after her music dreams, she also confesses through the chorus that she struggles with the fact that she’s not really thinking about settling down, while her ex’s are all calling her crazy and all her friends are having babies.

At several different points in our lives, we all battle the fight within’ ourselves that leads us to wondering, am I okay where I’m at or should I be somewhere further along than this?

Kasey Tyndall perfectly wraps pure vulnerability into that very thought process throughout this song, which is a key factor into making it play out more like a letter to us from a long-time friend as it resonates with our own confusing path as we ‘re trying to figure it out. 

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis/Cover photo by: Marisa Taylor)

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