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                                                                SANDRA NORTH


                                                            Independent Release





With her Long Time Coming EP debut release last year, and its singles “Same Story ‘Bout a Broken Heart” and “My Song,” Swedish born/Los Angeles residing modern country infused artist Sandra North stamped her name down on the map and introduced a wide listener base to her music that walks along several genre lines, bouncing right down the middle of modern country, pop, and classic rock vibes to deliver a fresh, unique flavor.

With a buzz now surrounding her, North releases “Gone,” a brand-new song that sees her honing in on her classic rock influences to deliver a banger that elevates the ideas of self-respect and rediscovering your independence once you find the courage and strength to walk away from a toxic relationship that’s had its grip on you for too long.

Written by North and Juan Abella, the moment that the guitars hit, you’re not only transported into a feel that recalls the classic rock sounds of the 1970’s, but immediately understand that you’re in for a little something different from Sandra North.

You were everything to me, I guess, I just couldn’t see…was never meant be,” she begins as she wraps her voice into the lyric that sees her looking in the mirror and placing blame on herself for staying too long with the wrong person even though she saw the red flags and ignored them – until now!

From here, North the delivers an empowerment, moving on lyric that reaches into a different pack of emotions as she spews out the frustrated line of “should never let this begin,” the kiss off of “I’m letting you go free,” and the eureka moments throughout the chorus:

You took all you could, just like you would, left my heart in the dirt

Now I want it back, It's just a fact, this bridge I gotta burn

Take your broken parts, it's time I start, deleting all your hurt

You can watch me move along, cause now I’m gone

The insanely catchy shredding of guitars through the bridge brings forth an arena rock style that creates a big atmosphere, perfectly playing into the outro rap where North’s voice pops in a finally free type of exuberant emotion to stamp down the message that it’s okay to move on, unashamedly, from what’s no good for you or your well-being.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

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