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Single Review: David Nail - "Sunset Carousel"



                                                                      DAVID NAIL

                                                                "Sunset Carousel'" 

                                                                117 Music





As announced during his recent appearance at the CMA Music Festival in Nashville earlier this month, David Nail has released a new single – “Sunset Carousel” – via 117 Music.

During the course of Nail’s 13+ year mainstream career, fans have been taken up and down the singer-songwriter’s influences, from sultry tracks to tear-jerkers to fun-loving tunes. He has been up and down and through the town of Nashville, experiencing the highs and lows and everything in between. He has the respect and clout of performers, songwriters, and industry reps, and he continues to reassure old fans and gain new ones with releases like “Sunset Carousel”.

We’d go down to the water

And drink straight from the bottle

The waves rolled in and we were just setting sail

We rode around all summer

We knew the end was coming

At least we’d have a hell of a story to tell

From that sunset carousel

The song is a nostalgic reminder of how talented this guy is at writing a good country song, resemblance of his favorite hits including “Nights on Fire” and “Red Light”.  There is a modern influence in the sound of “Sunset Carousel”, but it is intertwined in the writing and vocal delivery subtly enough to almost subconsciously introduce the listener to a slightly new sound with the trademark elements of the past.

“Sunset Carousel” is the latest offering since Nail’s ‘Bootheel’ EP, which includes the previously released “St. Louis”. 

For fans hoping to catch David on the road, he has dates scattered across the country from now through September.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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