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Single Review: Kat & Alex - "Let's Find A Bar"



                                                                      KAT & ALEX

                                                                "Let's Find A Bar" 

                                                                Sony Music Nashville





Sony Music Nashville duo Kat & Alex have released their new single, “Let’s Find A Bar”.  Following “I Want It All”, released earlier this year, the song finds the husband and wife duo continuing to make a name for themselves as a hot new act to notice on the country music map.

Written by Kat and Alex along with Jared Keim and Jared Scott, the song tells the story two people who are ditched by their friends and instead, find each other and by the end of the night, are falling in love.  It’s a unique twist on what could be the beginning of a love story tale, as two people who don’t particularly like going to bars begin to fall in love…at a bar.

Let’s find a bar, let’s find a song

That we can sing to all night long

Let’s find a drink that we can sink into

We’ll find ourselves in the middle of the room

Already know the nights go fast

I know where we can make ‘em last

We ain’t gotta go out too far

I just wanna be where you are

Let’s find a bar

This is a smooth yet catchy sing along track about two people falling in love.  Given the obvious affection between the members of this duo, it is not surprising that a lot of their music’s subject matter will focus on the same.  And while future releases will need to expand on new content, it is difficult to critique the musical talent exhibited on the music we have heard from them so far, most notably “Let’s Find A Bar”.

The national country music audience was first introduced to Kat & Alex during the 2020 season of American Idol, and since then, they have released their attention-grabbing single “I Want It All” and have also recently made their Grand Ole Opry debut.  Currently, they have a handful of dates schedule in Texas this month with a few others scattered throughout the summer.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)

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