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Single Review: Pamela Hopkins - "One Too Many"



                                                                  PAMELA HOPKINS

                                                            "One Too Many" 

                                                            MTS Records





Pamela Hopkins has absolutely found her path and has been carving out her niche since excelling behind the release of “Givin’ A Damn (Don’t Go With My Outfit),” the title track from her 2021 album which also includes her last single “One More Last Kiss,” a very strong duet with Jason Lee Campbell.

She now returns with “One Too Many” and provides the next chapter of the passionate love affair that ended during “One More Last Kiss.”

Written by Hopkins and Sarah Morey, “One Too Many” leans on a mid-tempo groove that effectively smashes a 90’s country vibe into just enough touches of modern kissed elements to give the style of the song a unique flare that furthers Hopkins’ signature feels by highlighting her vocals and ability to move her voice to convey the emotion of each line.

One more shot of that Lynchburg whiskey” is the opening line of the song and we’re immediately transported into the bar to sit alongside Hopkins where she plans to find out exactly how many drinks is one too many as she laments on the heartbreak caused by the past affair and not being able to get it out of her head and move on thanks to hearing a song that reminds her of it, that emotionally puts her right back in it.

Different reminders of the past affair are touched upon throughout the song as she continues to try and drink the memories away, whether it’s when she notices the couples out on the dance floor together or when she glances at a torn-up picture of him and her that she still carries with her.

We’ve all been in this position of feeling heartbroken over a past relationship, which gives this song a huge relatability factor with the listener. When you bring that attribute together with its modern 90’s country slanted vibe, ultra-catchy chorus, and Hopkins’ vocals perfectly delivering the lyrics, you have a song that is attractive to the longtime country music lover on many different levels.

“One Too Many” also gives us our first look at a song from Pamela Hopkins that isn’t lifted from the album, giving her the opportunity to create new hype and earn an exciting buzz as she quite possibly is showing us the first tease of her next chapter and things still to come.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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