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Single Review: Ty Laramore - "Fix Your Broken Heart"



                                                                    TY LARAMORE

                                                              "Fix Your Broken Heart" 

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The Texas music scene is steeped rich with a wide range of influences that filter into the many different sounds that it produces, from the Red Dirt style to its honky-tonk anthems and traditional barroom type feels.

There are those artists who do come along from time to time, though, that while they fit inside the Texas music circle, they also dare to step outside the lines and into a sound that gives them a flare that’s uniquely different when compared to their peers.

One such artist is Ty Laramore, who showcases his strong, modern kissed influneces on his debut Texas radio release, “Fix Your Broken Heart.”

Lifted from his 2020 EP, One More Beer, One More Song, “Fix Your Broken Heart” leans into a slick guitar riff through its intro that instantly gets stuck in your head and pulls you in to the catchiness of the melody.

Laramore then uses his incredibly crisp vocals to guide you into the helping you get over him lyric as he introduces us to a lady that’s been down, that’s lost her way, and is sitting at the bar (as he alludes to later in the song with the mention of neon lights) lonely with a broken heart.

As the title of the song suggests, Laramore wants to be the one to pick her back up and fix her broken heart as he sings in the chorus on the back of an instrumental breakdown that lends the melody to an amazing crowd participation type of moment, making this chorus one that will easily stick during his live shows.

Though this storyline is familiar in country music, Laramore does a lot of things right with this lyric and it’s those little touches that will make this song stick with you. He moves the night forward in the second verse as we see her mood change the more that she spends time with him as she is now laughing and having fun, while an additional memorable touch comes with the placement of the quick, catcall type of whistle after he sings the complimentary line, “You look pretty as a picture.”

However, the biggest achievement with this lyric comes in its final chorus as Laramore changes the entire dynamic of the song as he completely advances the story into the right here, right now as he sings of how he stole her heart that night, adding a reminiscent twist that signals this entire story is the merely the couple looking back from today’s perspective on the night they first met.

“Fix Your Broken Heart” is the type of song that can connect its lyric with many radio listeners, while its irresistibly mainstream melody gives it an immediate crossover appeal that should see it reaching outside the walls of the Texas charts and finding its way to earning national airplay before too long.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)



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