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Show Review: Josiah Siska 'Three Chords At A Time' EP Preview Party



Three Chords At A Time EP Preview Party

Wednesday July 27, 2022

@ Exit/In in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

Celebrating its 50th year occupying the corner at Elliston Place and Louise Avenue on the historic rock block, the iconic Nashville Music venue Exit/In, in association with Black River Entertainment, welcomed a crowd of industry reps, family, and friends on a blistering hot Wednesday for a ‘Honky-Tonk Happy Hour’ to be the first to hear Josiah Siska’s brand new EP Three Chords At A Time.

The intimidating walls of the hallowed venue that flanked either side of the stage offered a display of all the iconic acts who have called this place home.  Above the bar was a listing of who’s who in the music world, spanning across genres to include such iconic names as The Clash, The Police, BB King, Etta James, R.E.M., and country music legends such as Cash, Willie, Roger Miller, and Ronnie Milsap.

Across the venue from this impressive listing, hung posters of Porter Waggoner, Chuck Berry, Bobby Bare, Jerry Lee Lewis, and more! All adorned with pictures of them performing on the iconic stage that was now glimmering in a hue of blue lights bouncing off the black kick drum adorned with the name Josiah Siska in block white letters.

“If you don’t like country music, then you probably oughta leave now,” confidently stated Doug Johnson, VP of A&R at Black River Entertainment, as he welcomed one of their hottest new acts to the stage, Josiah Siska.

Clad in a cowboy hat, mirrored sunglasses that caught the shine of the stage lights just right, and a 1980’s style jacket with the initials J.S. sewn across the right breast pocket, Siska stomped across the front of the stage through the intro of opening song “Honky-Tonk,” before kicking his leg up just enough to tap his boots toes against the wooden stage floor in rhythm as he wrapped his rich vocal around the audience as they all bopped along with the up-tempo tune.

“Momma Siska is there in the back,” Josiah said as he pointed to his mom with a smile on his face. “I’ve got my dad here…my brother, and a whole lot of music family. This song is so special to me and it’s the one that the whole EP is focused around,” he finished as he delivered the title track, “Three Chords At A Time,” a softer pace, autobiographical song that allowed Josiah to take us on a journey with him through his life and relay the strong influence that his family’s morals and country music’s values had on him while he was growing up, helping him become who he is today.

Leaning into the stone country tilt of the guitar licks that whined though the traditional influenced style, Siska pushed his deeper registered vocals into the steamy lyrics of “On My Way Over,” before switching over to piano to solely carry “Country Moon,” flying without a net and allowing his purest talent to shine through an absolutely stunning song that isn’t on the EP, but one that is important to Josiah’s story as he explained before playing it, “This is the story about when I first left Georgia for Nashville and the girl I had to leave behind.”

Switching back over from piano to acoustic guitar, and being rejoined o stage by one of his band members on a second acoustic to add an additional depth to the overall sound, Siska stayed on the softer paced side with “Cold Heart on Fire,” the second of two songs he would play that aren’t on the EP.

As the final notes of the song were being played, Josiah put down his guitar, was rejoined by his entire band, and boot stomped on the stage in rhythm while moonwalking with his hand strumming an air guitar as he pulled us back into the EP with the outstanding “Be Careful With That Song.”

“I’m gonna do a Gospel song,” stated Siska, who was met with a round of applause from the crowd as he slid into the softer tinged intro of “Better Man,” before kicking into the type of country Gospel, honky-tonkin’, barn burner that would have the Sunday morning Baptist crowd standing up in the aisles dancing and hollering…similar to what he did to Exit/In as he turned the iconic venue into a rousing church service for three and a half minutes.

“Alright….well, Sunday morning is over and it’s time for Saturday night,” Siska enthusiastically said as he drove into the hip shaking, dirty groove of “3 Tequila Floor,” before closing his set with “Come On Down,” pulling the crowd in closer against the front of the stage for one final rebel rousing, shared party atmosphere!

With a genuine, heartfelt thank you, and a peace sign given up to the audience who was clamoring for more, Josiah Siska exited the stage as his band played him off through the outro of “Come On Down” to close the show.

There are artists that come along every once in a while that just give you a feeling that you’re a part of something so special. This being the second time that we’ve been gifted an opportunity to see Josiah, we can safely bet that we don’t think it’s a matter of if he’s going to be country music’s next big thing; And heck, it’s not even a matter of when! The answer to that question is simple, he will immediately reach that status when his EP drops so it’s best to jump on the bandwagon now and hold on for the ride because it’s gonna be a fun one y’all!


1) Honky-Tonk

2) Three Chords At A Time

3) On My Way Over

4) Country Moon

5) Cold Heart on Fire

6) Be Careful with That Song

7) Better Man

8) 3 Tequila Floor

9) Come On Down


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