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Show Review: Diamond Dixie plays the Bus Call in Nashville



Wednesday July 20, 2022

@ The Tin Roof in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

No matter where you turn in Nashville, you’re always going to find live music!

Songwriter rounds take over places across town on any given night, Lower Broadway is always jam packed with tourists waiting to hear the hundreds of bands down there playing their favorite cover songs, The Grand Ole Opry gives traditionalists “The Show That Made Country Music Famous” several nights a week, and so much more.

But to stand out and carve your own niche amongst Nashville’s overcrowded music scene, you must do things a little differently so that your weekly show makes an impact that draws a solid, supportive crowd and delivers the independent music acts that become the new favorites of the next chapter in country music’s rich tapestry.

Every Wednesday night for the past four years, the Bus Call at Tin Roof on Demonbreun has held up both these aspects consistently and has become the go to spot to find artists on the rise.

Dallas Remington, Presley & Taylor, TracieLynn, Molly Lovette, Andrea Vasquez, Sara Spicer, Eldon Huff, and more…have all called the Bus Call stage their home during the first half of 2022. As has the incredible duo Diamond Dixie; who on this night, were making their second appearance on the Bus Call stage.

The duo, comprised of sisters Gabriela and Bianca LeDuc, have absolutely exploded on the independent country music scene over the past year and have an industry buzz surrounding them that’s so loud it can’t be ignored. 

With a quick 20-minute/3-song set, the duo offered a sampling of a little bit of everything they bring to the table to intriguingly grab the crowd’s attention while expertly leaving them wanting so much more.

They kicked into their full band performance with “I Think It’s Funny” and immediately had the crowd swaying along with the groove as Bianca plucked the banjo and took on the lead vocals while Gabriela held it down on acoustic guitar and slid into the harmony position. They bounced back and forth in time with the rhythm, bopping along on stage with the melody at every instrumental breakdown and showcasing the extreme amount of fun they were already having through the smiles adorning both their faces, which transcended across the crowd.

“This is our second time playing Bus Call and we’re so excited about being here and having you hanging out with us,” gratefully began Gabriela. “About a week and a half ago we released our new single, and we’re so glad to finally have it out there. We’d been teasing it for months and months on social media and everyone kept asking us when we were putting it out…and we finally did!” she excitedly finished as they then pulled the crowd into their ultra-catchy new single “PDA,” which as the title suggests, navigates the subject of needing a man who isn’t afraid to publicly show how head over heels and enamored he is. 

With the whole crowd already completely invested in them after just two songs, Gabriela and Bianca bounced through set closer “Lock It Up,” during which they presented some very cool switches within the instrumentation that you don’t find when compared to the recorded version of the song, shared a rousing toast with the crowd, and dipped into the familiar riff of AC/DC’s “Back in Black” while standing back-to-back as their performance drew to a close.

Catchy songs, the right look, a good attitude, and live shows that capture the crowd and leave them wanting more are all parts of the combination to finding success in Nashville’s country music industry and are certainly qualities that Diamond Dixie carry. However, playing the right stages in town whenever you get the opportunity to be here is also a major factor in who will see you versus who won’t. Diamond Dixie completes the combination by making certain that stages like the Bus Call are always part of their Nashville schedule, thus unlocking the door to their next BIG steps!

It's not a matter of if, but only a matter of when… before promising duo Diamond Dixie becomes the most talked about new act signed by a major label. The media and industry buzz that is already starting to knock is positioning itself to immediately bust their path wide open and catapult them ahead, so jump on the Diamond Dixie bandwagon now so that you can say you were there first!


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