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Show Review: The Nash News Presents...Jordana Bryant & Friends




Thursday June 30, 2022

@ Assembly Food Hall in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

Across a five-block radius of downtown Nashville, a healthy smattering of people lined the outside of the Ascend Amphitheater waiting to get inside and catch Five Seconds of Summer, droves of hair metal  rockers hit up Nissan Stadium for Def Leppard and Motley Crue, and the Gospel faithful turned out and wrapped lines around The Bridgestone Arena for the Maverick City Music event featuring Kirk Franklin.

Nashville was booming on this night to say the least, and the traffic congestion was at a standstill making it difficult to maneuver around much of the downtown area of the city.

However, tucked inside the South Hall of the Assembly Food Hall inside the Fifth +  Broadway complex, the popular weekly songwriter series “The Nash News Presents…” also packed the house full of music lovers who were on hand to catch Riser House Entertainment recording artist Jordana Bryant.

Flanked on either side by her fellow songwriter friends who accompanied her during each of the two rounds, Bryant gratefully and humbly watched as the audience soaked in the music of Seth Mosley, Paulina Jayne, On the Outside, etc… But the spotlight on this night was clearly placed on Bryant.

Instantly connecting with the crowd by playing her recent single “Guilty” early on, Jordana Bryant was then able to perfectly use her spots in each of the rounds to try out her newest material on the very receptive audience, whether it was through the radio friendly vibes of “You Don’t Get To” or on a song that she had said to only have been a few hours old with “Too Much Too Soon.”

During the second round, Bryant kicked up her sass and attitude with the empowering anthem “Kiss Me Goodbye,” which she introduced as being about “someone cheating on you and then feeling sorry about it….but you’re not having it!”

Shifting the center stage focus to her co-writers, On the Outside, she offered the audience a taste of one of their co-writes with “1,2,3,4,5,6 String,” before tapping into a similar theme like what we’ve heard on her single “New Friends” when she played “Him Over Me,” a song she said to be about a friend who really wasn’t a friend at all.

But as much as Bryant had put on a solid showcase of herself and her music up to this point, it was the moment that happened with “Drag Me Down” that stands out as the night’s highlight.

"This past year when I was working to finish high school early, my parents were my unsung heroes,” began Bryant loosely referring to a conversation that Seth Mosley had during the opening round before playing the for King & Country song of that same name which he co-wrote. “They would drive me back and forth to Nashville from Pennsylvania and we finally just made the move here a week ago,” she said gushingly as the crowd offered up a cheer. She then brought her dad to the stage to join her on guitar for the ultra-catchy song that she wrote when she was just 12-years old but that she said they’d play together in the living room all the time back in the day.

Though Jordana Bryant is very fresh and green to Nashville as far as calling it home, she is miles ahead when it comes to carving out her niche in a town full of great music. She’s already turned heads with her singles “Guilty” and “New Friends,” and as this night showed, she clearly has a knack for co-writing and has surrounded herself with several great co-writers in a town built on the back of songwriting.

It’s a matter of time for Jordana Bryant! You can easily see her continuously grabbing a piece of the Music City puzzle from here and then from over there, putting together a well-laid out plan that is always in motion and on a path that reaches the next level every step of the way as she makes her climb to the top; which if this night is any indication, isn’t too far off down the country music dirt road.


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