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Show Review: Landon Parker plays the Skydeck during CMA Fest!



Saturday June 11, 2022

@ The Skydeck at Assembly Food Hall in Nashville, TN

(Review by: Jeffrey Kurtis)

As he rolled into his 40-minute set with the catchy, upbeat “Love You Like,” country artist Landon Parker immediately captured everyone’s attention on the Skydeck at Assembly Hall as they bounced a toe off the ground in perfect rhythm with the melody.

This is the third time that we’ve personally been able to catch a performance of Parker’s – the second with a full band – and just as has happened each time out, he quickly won over the crowd on the back of an incredible comfort level and on-stage energy, combining with catchy, memorable songs.

“I’m from North Carolina. Is anyone here tonight from North Carolina?” asked Parker, who was met with minimal applause. “That’s good…that means that my momma’s not here so I can have some fun tonight,” he finished with a smile and laugh as he launched into the hip swaying groove of “End of a Dirt Road,” followed quickly by “Night Owl,” which continued with his onslaught of catchy, upbeat songs as hips across the audience popped while heads bobbed and shoulders danced.

Taking us on a journey back to his (and his co-writers) hometown through “Hits Home,” Parker then paused to introduce one of the previously released songs that has set his path in motion.

“I had this guitar part that I came up with and thought it sounded kind of cool and beachy,” Parker said as he shared the riff with the crowd. “I looked at the notes in my phone and saw “Caught Me at A Good Time” written down. I didn’t know what that meant then, but it ended up being the name of this next song,” Parker finished as he played the song that had clearly already earned him some fans as many in the crowd began to sing along with the chorus.

“How many beer drinkers are out there tonight?” asked Parker to a round of applause as he confessed that he was one himself before leading the crowd in a sing along, jumping into “Good Beer Drinkin’,” the second of his two singles he played.

“Y’all know what happens when a band gets one shot…” Parker mused as the first few notes of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” began to flow from the guitars as the crowd got amped with anticipation. “…When a band only gets one opportunity,” Parker stamped down as he tilted the country music loving crowd into a 3-minute hip-hop atmosphere as he spit out the rap icons biggest song.

“This next song goes out to my wife, who is in the audience tonight. I was in the kitchen and Makenzie was just standing there and I was thinking man, she’s a God sent,” he gratefully stated while making eye contact with his wife from the stage. “We have a 5-month-old little girl and it’s so special to see the person you love the most become a mom and do all those awesome things,” he finished as he slowed down the set for the first - and only time - with “God Sent” as several couples in the audience held hands with each other while others slow danced at the foot of the stage.

“This one is all about going through life and the lessons we learn from our mom, dad, experiencing loss,” explained Parker. “But there is a sing along part I’m gonna need y’all’s help with it,” he finished as he taught the crowd the melody of the “Hey Hey’s” that come round in the chorus of “Love Taught Me the Rest,” which they aptly learned and did their part every time it rolled around.

“How many of you been drunk before?” he asked as cheers erupted from the crowd.

“How many of you have ever been hungover?” he asked, again being met with cheers.

“How many of you are hungover here right now?” he asked as he laughed. “But you didn’t learn your lesson last night so you’re right back here at the bar tonight,” he finished as he closed his set with his normal show closer, “Back at the Bar.”

By staying mostly on the ultra-catchy side of his modern country style, Landon Parker quickly captured the attention of the crowd and then completed the tough task of keeping them 100% invested as was clear by the huge ovation he received when the final notes of the set were played.

Look for Landon Parker’s next single “Up For Anything” on June 24, 2022!


1) Love You Like

2) End of a Dirt Road

3) Night Owl

4) Hits Home

5) Caught Me at A Good Time

6) Good Beer Drinkin’

7) Lose Yourself (Eminem cover)

8) God Sent

9) Love Taught Me the Rest

10) Back at the Bar


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