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Perfect Timing EP Release Celebration

Tuesday June 27, 2023

@ Anzie Blue in Nashville, TN

(Review By: Jeffrey Kurtis)

Nestled into the heart of Hillsboro Village, backdropped by the Belcourt Theatre, several renowned eateries, and a sleek modern feel that's sophisticatedly classic, Anzie Blue stands tall as one of the premier, high end event spaces in Nashville.

Though country music songstress Charly Reynolds has certainly honed her performance chops with four-hour marathon sets of mostly covers on Lower Broadway, "Half Of It," BS I Need," and "Rodeo” have all culminated the stamp on her signature originality while playing pivotal roles in fast tracking her career.

Then potential tragedy struck earlier this year when she was sidelined after having vocal surgery.

However, when others would have allowed this setback to knock them down, and possibly take them out, Reynolds inspiringly dug deeper within, released poignant songs that mirrored her situation with "Out of My Hands" and "One Day At A Time," and fully rehabilitated her voice in a few short months as she hit the stage again in a bold showcase that accented her perseverance and the unbelievable fact that she's not only back, but that she's stronger than ever.

Her next big step forward arrived this past weekend with the release of her debut EP Perfect Timing, and in front of a packed crowd of her fans, friends, industry reps, and co-writers, everyone came together to celebrate this monumental milestone with Charly at Anzie Blue, raising a glass of support to her and her stellar new EP.

With a cascade of cymbals and hit of guitar into its slick opening riff, Reynolds hit the stage with her current single "She Ain't Me," instantly igniting the crowd with its catchy, tempo driven melody as shoulders danced and toes tapped along with her as she bounced center stage, injecting undeniable sass into the confidence of the kiss-off lyric.

"This next song we're gonna play is the focus track of the EP," Reynolds excitedly shared as "Top Off" delivered a midtempo summery flare to the room through the irresistible sway embedded into the melody as she wrapped an innocence into her voice to take us through a picture painting lyric of falling more in love with each other on a nowhere destination drive.

"Flowers" then softened the pace for the first time of the night, hushing the crowd as she tugged on heartstrings while expertly placing proper emotion into her tonality to cry through the falling out of love lyric, anxiously running through her own thoughts while staring at the flowers she bought herself as she pondered if it was something she did that pushed him away.  

"This is the first song I ever cut that I didn't write," Reynolds told as she then spotlighted its songwriter Nicole Croteau, who just so happened to be providing backups for her on stage, before plowing into the hip popping groove of "Pour Decisions," a cleverly written song that twisted through a series of regrets that were fueled by a great night on the town where the whiskey was talking, the shots were flowing, the tequila was making her crazy, and clouded judgement resulted in her "Pour" decisions.

"I really do want to thank you for coming out tonight. It really means the world to me, and I appreciate y’all so much," Charly gratefully said with a smile. "This is a song about when you just fall in love out if nowhere and it hits you like a ton of bricks," she introduced as the radio flavored "Summer Storm" radiated the venue.

"When we wrote this last song, I just felt like the lyrics were so me personally. It's so easy to compare yourself to others, and that’s something I can be really guilty of," Reynolds said as tears filled her eyes when she mentioned the tough times she had gone through earlier this year and the fact that she's now overcome them, soft strumming through "One Day At A Time" and turning the venue into a true listening room that captivated the crowd to a quiet standstill as she encouragingly sang through the keep on keeping on lyric before the band punched into the second half of the song to drive to its final notes, leaving the crowd showering applause on Charly as she exited stage right.


1) She Ain't Me

2) Top Off

3) Flowers

4) Pour Decisions

5) Summer Storm

6) One Day At A Time



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