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Playing CMA Fest is big for any artist, but for a new act who is getting ready to play it for the first time, it is the bucket list item, the pivotal moment that will act as a launch pad for their exciting next chapters. That’s where Charly Reynolds finds herself this week in Nashville. We caught up with Charly about her shows this week at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa, playing CMA Fest for the first time, her newest single “Rodeo” having her cover of “Neon Moon” placed on a television show, her first experience visiting the Grand Ole Opry, and much much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis/photo c/o Evolution PR Nashville


1) CMA Fest 2022 is here this week! You’ll be playing some events during it (will touch on those in a minute). Is this the first CMA Fest you’ll be performing at? If so, what are you most looking forward to with your shows?

I can’t believe CMA fest is already here, I am so excited! Yes, it is my first time playing during CMA fest, I am really looking forward to meeting people in the audience. It’s so much fun getting to interact and connect, but my favorite part is meeting everyone and hearing where they are from after the show!

2) So, with your shows during CMA Fest week, you’ll be performing twice at Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa - Friday 6/10 at 2:00 pm and Sunday 6/12 at 2:00 pm. What are the main reasons that you feel fans need to make sure to stop in to see you at those shows as part of their schedules? We like to have a party!

If you like upbeat country music, crowd participation, some throwback classics featuring all genres, then you must stop by and see us! 

3) You’ve released your new single “Rodeo” this past week (June 3, 2022) Tell us little but about that song.

I wrote “Rodeo” with my friends Sean Cook and Nicole Croteau back in late October. When we were writing this song, we knew we wanted to write an anthem and some of my inspirations are Shania Twain, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, etc. The song is an empowerment song, telling any smooth-talking boys in the bars that we have seen your type before, we know what you’re doing and this ain’t our first rodeo! 

4) What about “Rodeo” do you feel makes it the perfect song release going into the summer months?

“Rodeo” is such a fun upbeat song to not only kick off summer, but also  rodeo season! It is a song that makes you happy and makes you wanna start dancing which I think is the perfect song for any summer playlist! 

5) The last year has been very busy for you. Talk to us about “BS I Need” and “Sand Bar.” How do you feel that each of those songs help shaped your defining sound the most, and was the audience response to them what you expected it to be?

I wrote “BS I Need” almost 3 years ago with a friend, Brad Hutsell. We are both from Orlando, FL originally and were talking about the beach and we came up with “BS I Need!” It became a highly requested song of mine during quarantine where I would play it online every night in a group called Quarantine Karaoke. That one had lots of people waiting for it to come out!

For “Sand Bar,” I got to write it with my two close friends Haley Mae Campbell & Zachary Manno. When we wrote it, we knew we had to collaborate on the fun summer jam and put it out that year too! I think my Florida beachy roots will always show a bit in my songs. I was very happy with the way both of the releases went. 

6) Your version of Brooks & Dunn’s “Neon Moon” was recently featured on Fox’s The Resident. Tell us how that synch placement came together for you and what it meant to have your song placed on such a major television program? Is this the first time you’ve had a song on a television program?

This was the craziest thing! Fox reached out to me about it after seeing a cover of “Neon Moon” I posted 3 years ago. When they emailed me, at first, I honestly thought it was a scam because it was too good to be true! But once we found out it was legit, I was so excited. I’ve never had my song on TV before and it was honestly an amazing feeling. To be picked to have my voice singing one of my all-time favorite songs (Neon Moon) was just surreal. I hope to be able to work with them more! 

7) About cover songs, we were personally blown away by your version of “I Drive Your Truck.” Why did you choose to do that song? Just because you love it or is there a personal reason that made you connect with it?

Thank you so much! When deciding about releases this year I wanted to release a cover first, something I really love and to gain some momentum before releasing singles. When talking about covers, with the war going on in the Ukraine I wanted to do a song that would touch on that a bit. I was between ”Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks, and ”I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice which are both songs I love. At the end of the day, we chose “I Drive Your Truck” and I don’t regret it one bit! 

8) You recently put up a post on your social media about experiencing The Grand Ole Opry for the first time. Tell us more about your experience and what that was like for you.

There are not enough words to describe this experience! Originally, I was going to wait to go to the Grand Ole Opry until it was my Opry debut, but when my friend Tiera invited me to go watch her perform, I couldn’t say no! I’m glad that I went because my emotions were going crazy. I can’t imagine if I were to have all the emotions of going there for the first time and making my debut all in one night! The Opry is such an inspiring place where so many of my idols have stood and performed and it is on the top of my bucket list for sure. 

9) You’ve played some hometown shows in Florida this spring. What is it like for you to go home for shows like those at Ole Red Orlando in comparison to playing gigs in town here in Music City at places like the Wildhorse or with the uber popular Song Suffragettes shows?

I haven’t played in my hometown or Orlando, since before graduating high school. It was so much fun, but I have to say way more nerve wracking for me being in a room full of people I grew up with! Singing for strangers is definitely a lot easier, but also, I had so much fun seeing everyone and felt so blessed to have such an amazing supportive hometown community. 

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

Work hard and don’t quit. This industry is going to give you a lot of no’s and a lot of rejection and you have to learn to push through and trust yourself and trust that God has led you here for a reason. Keep the faith and never get lazy. It can be so easy to be comfortable with where we are at and to start saying no to opportunities because we don’t feel like it or maybe let fear get in the way. Always try and say yes to the opportunities God places in front of you. Keep following your dreams!


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