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Carolyn Miller has had an incredible run so far. On the back of her singles, “When I Say I Do Today,” “Summer Time” and “All In,” she has already amassed 100K social media followers, over 800K streams, and over 3 million views on TikTok. But with a busy CMA Fest schedule, and the promise of new music coming throughout the rest of 2022, it’s a safe bet to say that Miller’s run is really just getting started. We checked in with her the week of CMA Fest to talk all about the several gigs she’s playing that week, partnering with CreatiVets, her upcoming new music, and much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis


1) CMA Fest 2022 is this week! You’ll be part of several events this year (we’ll talk about those in a bit). But what are you most looking forward to with being a part of the CMA Fest week overall?

CMA fest is the largest country music festival on the planet. It draws people from all 50 states and dozens of countries from around the world. It is so fun to meet the people that have been supporting you online for years … and to finally be at the same place together at the same time is awesome. There hasn’t been a CMA fest since 2019, and I know this one will be bigger and better than ever!

2) As you mentioned, CMA Fest has been absent due to the pandemic over the past couple years. Although devastating for the music industry, in what positive ways do you feel that it being absent allowed you to really define yourself and music so that when you hit the stage during it, you’ve already been able to become more established so that your performances will have that much more of an impact?

I think having a lot more time at home gave us a lot more time to work on our craft. To work on our instruments. To work on our songwriting. To focus on the art and not be distracted by constantly being on the go 24/7. To get back to who we are as people. To work on ourselves personally and professionally. To give ourselves the time for self-care and rejuvenation. For me, it was all those things PLUS it really strengthened my relationship with my fans over social media. I did over 100 live stream concerts and it truly felt like my followers became my friends.

3) You’ll be playing the writer’s round during the Porchlight Pickers event at The Local on Thursday June 9 (6-7PM CST). With so much activity going on at CMA Fest, what is the #1 reason that you feel the fans need to make sure your performance is on their to-do list?

Writers rounds are a great way to learn more about the artist and get the “behind the scenes” of a song. It is a really unique and authentic experience that you can’t necessarily get from a concert. I’ll definitely be sharing some “juice” and maybe even debuting a few new songs ;)

4) You’ll also be doing a few ‘Power Acoustic Shows’ - one at Barlines on Fri June 10 (6:15-7PM) and another at Live Oak on Sun June 12 (12:15-1PM). In what ways will these two shows be unique and different in comparison to your performance during the Porchlight Pickers event?

The power acoustic shows will be 45-minute set with multiple musicians/players backing me up on stage. You’ll get to see more of what a “Carolyn Miller Concert” is, unlike the Porchlight Pickers show, which is simply a round with three other writers on stage trading songs.

5) The Live Oak show on Sun Jun 12, will also include a meet & greet afterwards. What are you most looking forward to with meeting the fans one on one during such an incredible music week?

Hugging the people I’ve been chatting with online for the past 3 years!! I’ve gotten to know so many more people since the last CMA Fest and I can’t wait to finally put a face to a (user)name :) … and of course see the ones I met in ‘19!

6) Tell us more about the ‘We Should Write Sometime’ event at the Tin Roof Demonbreun on Sat June 11. What is that organization all about? Where can fans find more information on it?

‘We Should Write Sometime’ is a really cool app for songwriters. Think Tinder, but swiping for a musical partner! It’s a great app — I’ve actually met some great writers on there that have turned into close friends! It’s available on the app store and WSWS was featured in Forbes, Rolling Stone, etc. Check ‘em out.

7) Another incredible organization that you’re partnered with is CreatiVets. Tell us about that organization and what it means to you personally to be a part of it.

They are an incredible non-for-profit organization that pairs veterans with pro songwriters and helps them tell their story and heal through music. I have so many friends and family members that have served our country and I am a huge supporter of our military. I’m grateful I wake up every day and get to do what I do because of the sacrifices that they have made. I am often asked to sing our national anthem at various events around the country and it is the biggest honor. I truly love to give back any way I can.

8) Switching from CMA Fest over to your new music. You have several singles set to release this year. What can we expect from them? When will the first one release? Etc.

Yes! I’m so excited to have many songs on the way. The first release is June 24! Oops I didn’t say that… ;)

9) Of all your new singles dropping throughout this year, which one stands out as your personal favorite and why?

It’s really hard to pick. They are all very different! I love them all for different reasons. I am excited to see what everyone resonates with and why…but you can expect a mix from summer bops to heart-wrenching power ballads.

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

It is a marathon, not a sprint. Be patient. You are in it for the long game. Be kind to everyone you meet, because everyone talks, and you will cross paths with people again and again!


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