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Raleigh Keegan has absolutely emerged as one of those artists that walks the fine line between several different genres but accentuates all the right pieces of the puzzle no matter which side of the line that he dips his toe in to elevate his own unique, vibey, singer-songwriter kissed sound. We had the chance to check in with Raleigh during the week of CMA Fest to chat about the festival, his brand-new EP A Tale of 7 Cities, his unique marketing approach to the new EP, his latest single “Miss Me Memphis,” and much more!

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis

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1) CMA Fest is back after a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic. Over those past two years without having the fest, in what ways do you feel you’ve been able to grow most as an artist and songwriter, so that you’ll be able to make an even stronger impact during this year’s event.

I think I had time to slow down and really focus on my particular craft of songwriting. I don’t write exactly like everyone on music row all the time, and I have learned to be okay with that. I think so much has happened in the world that I have more to say as an artist and as a person, so I am looking forward to sharing that!

2) I know you’re signing at Fan Fair X on Thursday the 9th of June. But which booth will you be at, and what time can people come meet you? Also, what are you most looking forward to with signing and meeting the fans at CMA Fest?

I will be at the Roper Booth at Fan Fair X at 2pm until about 2:45. I really enjoy meeting and talking to people, hearing their stories, and connecting about music. This whole thing is about the music and that’s awesome.

3) You are getting ready to release your brand-new EP A Tale of 7 Cities. Tell us about the EP and the concept of it as a whole.

It’s a concept record I came up with during the pandemic and it’s finally coming to fruition! It has real stories, and stories that I have imagined to make each song from each city have its own identity and really feel like the city they represent.

4) You’ve so far released about half the songs ahead of the EP officially releasing. Do you feel that each song stands alone from one another, or do they all work together to form one entire concept from front to back on the EP as they weave the listener through a grand story?

A little bit of both. They each stand-alone but I think the concept all together is what really intrigues people. They want to know what city is next and what the story will be from that city, so that has been fun. There is a song at the very end of the record that wraps up and connects each of the cities, so in a way they are all connected.

5) I’m very intrigued by the promotion and marketing of teasing with so many songs. Can you share some insight with us as to why you are choosing to promote the EP this way? And also, how have you seen it benefitting you the most so far?

The honest truth is that I want people to actually hear these songs. When you release things as a full album, often times people don’t have the desire to go through a full album, so they never hear some songs. Releasing these as singles has helped more people actually hear them!

6) Speaking of song releases, you’ve recently released “Miss Me Memphis.” Talk to us a little bit about that song. What it means to you? Why you feel it was a perfect next song to release right now? Etc.

Miss Me Memphis is a song that I have been really proud of for a long time. It really feels like Memphis when you listen to it, and it reminds me of when I was a kid visiting Graceland and puts me right back in time to when I was there. 

7) We were lucky enough to catch you back in the fall at a Nashville’s Most Wanted show out at Scoreboard, and we will be at your June 23rd show at Assembly Hall here in Nashville. What can we expect from the show on the 23rd that will be a little different than what we got with the NMW show? 

At the show on 6/23 I will be playing as an acoustic band with a mandolin/fiddle player and another guitar player accompanying me. You will also hear the entire record before it’s actually out at midnight, live, for the very first time!

8) Your live show is full of so many layers and so many different dynamics. Take us through what you put into structuring your shows so that once you initially wow the crowd, you keep them fully invested from start to finish?

I think variety and spontaneity are key to a great show. If it feels super structured it feels like it lacks real life, but if there is no structure it could go off the rails. I am more of an off the rails guy myself, but I typically like to read the room. Also, people aren’t shy. They basically tell you what’s working and what isn’t right off the bat by how they respond.

9) You have an absolutely incredible backstory. Can you fill in our readers a little bit on that and how it all led you to music.

Sure! I was adopted after being born while my mother had me in prison. I grew up with an awesome family I call my own and they got me started in music early. I took piano lessons early on and it was obvious to everyone around that I had an affinity for music. Country music came later after I was introduced to bands/artists like Zac Brown Band, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Chris Stapleton, etc.

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

It might take a long time to break in, so be patient and don’t beat yourself up! You can’t really skip the development steps of writing, performing, and paying your dues.


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