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T.G. Sheppard and Kelly Lang are two country music legends that really don’t need any introduction. Their music has stood the test of time, their marriage is one we should all strive to have ours be like, and their incredible use of their unique gifts to help other people when they need it most is a trait that we should all try to mimic. We recently had the amazing opportunity to talk with them about their upcoming hosting duties at the incredible Country for A Cause show during this years CMA Fest and why it's an event that’s so important for them to be a part of, while also touching on some of their recent accolades including the release of Kelly’s book and T.G.’s Finally album turning 40 years old.

(Interview by: Jeffrey Kurtis




1) Tell us a little bit about the Country for A Cause show that you’re a part of during CMA Fest week on Wednesday June 8th.

Country For A Cause is a concert we host with a lot of our musical friends, that also benefits Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s hospital at Vanderbilt.

2) You’re not only going to be on the show, but as you mentioned, are also the hosts of it. What additional responsibilities come with hosting a show of this magnitude that just performing doesn’t carry with it?

We are responsible for keeping the evening going smoothly. Being that we are personal friends with most of the artists performing, the introductions come very easy. Scott Sexton, the founder of this benefit does a remarkable job in organizing of the show each year which makes our job even easier.

3) You also said that the show is benefitting the Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. What does that cause mean to you personally?

We have been blessed with healthy children, but weknow others that have not been as fortunate. We feel a responsibility to use our platform to help those in need.

4) Have you ever done any other volunteer work with the children’s hospital? If so, what was your experience like with it?

We both have raised awareness and money for St. Jude’s Children’s hospital. Just being around the families affected by illness makes you want to do even more. They are so brave and loving which left us even more on fire to do as much as we could to help ill children. Being that Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s hospital is in our home town, we have the opportunity to now focus on these precious little ones from this concert.

5) With all the different events taking place during CMA Fest week, why is Country for A Cause an absolute must add show to any country music fans calendar?

With the star packed lineup, the fans can see a large diverse group of artists in one place for one low price, and all the more while helping such a great cause.

6) If people aren’t going to be in town during CMA Fest week, is there still a way that they can donate to the cause online?

Country For A Cause P.O. Box 1442 Hendersonville Tn 37077

7) For Kelly…you’ve just recently released your incredible book I’m Not Going Anywhere. Tell our readers a little about the book and why you feel that it’s a must read for any country music fan.

My book is all about my ride through the music business, that was only sidetracked by my experience with breast cancer. The ups and downs I experienced is entertaining enough, however, the most important thing about this book is how I give the tools to bring yourselves out from the darkest of days into brightest. The lessons I’ve learned along the way are invaluable to anyone going through any valley they may be dealing with. If you are a country music fan you will also be entertained with the behind-the-scenes experience that I’ve had with some of the world’s most famous artists. The books foreword is written by Dame Olivia Newton-John. It can be found on kellylang.net or Amazon.

8) For T.G.…. You’re not only recognized as a country music legend, but also a host on SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio. How did you get involved with the radio side of the industry and what’s your favorite part of it?

It came through my long friendship with the one and only Elvis Presley. SiriusXM’s Elvis Radio felt that I might have a few stories about the king that had never been heard before. Being an Elvis radio host enables me to reach a different audience than I would normally reach in concert. How incredible it has been to have the opportunity to interview some of music’s greatest icons as part of my show.

9) Also, For T.G…switching over to an incredible milestone. You recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of your 1982 album Finally. Why do you feel that album has had so much staying power since it initially released and still resonates with fans today?

I’ve always tried to record music that would stand the test of time. The Finally album was filled with lyrics and melodies that evidently hit the heart strings of the listeners. It truly warms my heart to look out into the audience after all these years and see people singing along with my music.

10) What is the best piece of advice that you can offer an aspiring songwriter/artist just trying to break into the music business?

The best advice is to never give up on your dreams and to never take no for the final answer. I always tell aspiring singers and songwriters that if you feel the dream has past you, remember in life that it’s never too late to be who you might have been.


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