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Single Review: Chad Cooke Band - "I Just Want You"



                                                                    CHAD COOKE BAND

                                                               "I Just Want You" 

                                                               King Hall Music





The Chad Cooke Band is arguably one of the top groups in Texas/Red Dirt country music today, and just one look at the amazing accolades on their resume will confirm it.

They’ve set the record for the longest charting single at Texas/Red Dirt radio when their song “Whatever It Takes” stayed on the chart for 43 weeks, while the five radio singles that followed all notched the #1 position.  

They’ve recently been delighting fans with stellar songs such as “I Wanna Go Out” and “Senorita Sky,” but they’re now ready to return to radio with their brand-new single “I Just Want You.”

The slower paced waltz tempo elevates all the signature feels that the Chad Cooke Band has become known for, but this tune is 100% fueled by the passionately driven lyrics that spell out the truth that when you’re in love, your being there to share your love with your better half is all they really need from you.

Cooke immediately sets the lyric in motion by asking the question, “How is it the girl who don’t ask for a thing is the one you want to give everything to?” From here, the lyrics throughout the opening verse tell of the small, impactful things that she needs to make everything good in their relationship, ranging from a good morning kiss and a cup of hot coffee to a perfect night together on the porch swing.

The chorus confesses all he wants to give to her (if she’d only let him) including every last red sunset, the moon, and all the red roses in the world. However, this is all designed to lead you to the hook where they then punch home the meaningful point where she says, “I just want you!” – a bold statement that is even more defined in the final chorus of the song where they inject her also saying, “I’ve got everything I need right here.”

“I Just Want You” is a love song that is done exactly the way a love song should be done. The lyrics are written in such a way that they praise how important the better half is while putting them on a pedestal, and the instrumentation that surrounds them is done in such a way that the crisp melody and pace of the song never overpowers the lyrics and emotionally packed vocals.

This combination not only makes “I Just Want You” a perfect fit for a Friday night slow-dance at your favorite dancehall, but it will be the catalyst for the Chad Cooke Band to expand to recognition with a national audience while easily giving them another #1 at Texas radio along the way.

(Review Written By: Jeffrey Kurtis)




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