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Single Review: Cole Swindell & Lainey Wilson - "Never Say Never"



                                                                      COLE SWINDELL

                                                                      LAINEY WILSON

                                                               "Never Say Never" 

                                                               Warner Music Nashville




Released via Warner Music Nashville, “Never Say Never” features Grammy-nominated Cole Swindell and fast-rising star Lainey Wilson on a fiery duet about an on again, off again, romantic rendezvous.

Co-writing the song along with Jessi Alexander and Chase McGill back in 2018, Swindell saw Wilson as the perfect match to sing the tune with him, having been a fan of hers for quite some time.

“Never Say Never” tells a story to which most can relate – a person or a past relationship that you can’t escape entirely.  It keeps pulling you back in, even though in the end, you know it’s not right and will never last.

The tune is an absolute hit, with anthem-like singalong lyrics delivered with such passion amongst internal turmoil that they are sure to ignite the emotional fire in listeners and audiences everywhere.

“It’s Hell and it’s Heaven with you, baby

Anything’s possible, the highs are unstoppable

It’s so uncontrollable, it’s crazy

We say we don’t and then we do

You’re all I want, I never say never with you”

With relatable lyrics and singalong melodies, “Never Say Never” promises to be a fast and steady chart climber for weeks to come.

The track follows Swindell’s back-to-back No. 1 hits “Love You Too Late” and “Single Saturday Night”, while also marking the follow-up to Wilson’s first ever No. 1 single, “Things A Man Oughta Know”.

(Review Written By: Chad Carlson)